Gerry Matatics

[quote=jimmy]That doesn’t make sense. How does it alienate Sungenis if he is defending the new mass? That makes zero sense.

I can hardly answer that question now. The website is no longer operational. I think it is very unfair of you to say it makes no sense when so much time has passed and the site is no longer accessable for me to use and refresh my memory. Perhaps if it were still available, I could explain why it made sense to me.

I do not think the topic should receive any attention in Catholic circles, though. It is as nutty as trying to be Catholic and debating if the pope is legitimate. The Church can be trusted to provide a valid liturgy or she can not be trusted for anything. That is why I place no faith in those that that promulgate debate in this area, like these two, SSPX, etc.

PS - I like your signature.

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