'Gestapo' tactics meet senior citizens at Yellowstone

NEWBURYPORT — Pat Vaillancourt went on a trip last week that was intended to showcase some of America’s greatest treasures.

Instead, the Salisbury resident said she and others on her tour bus witnessed an ugly spectacle that made her embarrassed, angry and heartbroken for her country.


For some reason I’ve heard that a lot the last 5 years and more so as time passes.

The government is obviously trying to make a harsh point. My dyed in the wool Democratic elderly aunt posted a petition of Facebook today

Sign the petition: Republicans are to blame for the government shutdown
I just took action to demand that major television networks stop blaming both parties and accurately report the fact that Republicans alone are responsible for the government shutdown. I think you should too!


Underneath every good liberal is a fascist waiting to come out. This shutdown has been like a summons for every liberal/fascist out there. They have not been slow to make their appearance.


Nothing like bullying people who cannot fight back. Makes you proud to be an American?

Armed guards kept the tourists in their hotel. Armed guards.

How Obama and his cadres must truly hate the people of this country!

Yet what your old auntie does not grasp is the concept that since essential services are still operable only the non-essential services are shutdown. The ones no one needs and can be curtailed probably permanently. This is a goal the vast majority of the folks in Washington are constantly promising to do, streamline the bureaucracy, get rid of waste, save taxpayer money. Everyone also makes lip service to working in a bi-partisan spirit. What could be more bi-partisan than repubs giving credit to demos and demos crediting repubs for the fulfillment of a campaign promise almost all have made. You see instead of petitions to stop this your misguided auntie should be sending out petitions to keep it going permanently.

Unless she is bucking for extra rations of beets for being a mindless follower of dear leader party chairman and comrade president Barack Barackovich Obama bringing glorious hope and change to proletarian workers of USSA.

Yep. The only sites allowed to run are essential services like this. After all, Farm to School Salad Bar Day is clearly more important than some silly monument to something that happened last century, amirite?

Godwin’s law does not apply here.
Jackboot tactics are an apt description of what is happening.

Ya… pretty much. Justice had to take down the Amber alert site no staff to keep it up but hey somebody has to set priorities.

The reason that parks are closed is because there is funding only for essential services. Protecting federal parks with guards is not an essential service, but bullying.
Arming the guards goes beyond petty to sinister.

Well, at least we are getting a picture of what the Administration considers “essential” and “non-essential”.

Apparently thuggish treatment of senior citizens and WWII veterans is “essential” and medical treatment and disability payments to our nation’s veterans are “non-essential”. :shrug:

Linked here at USA Today: usatoday.com/story/nation/2013/10/08/shutdown-casualties-combat-benefits-unpaid-pentagon/2941809/

Our President is proud of talking to Iran, who many consider an enemy state.

Yet he will not discuss the operation of our government, and the means to pay for it, with the body that is charged with the responsibility to manage the funding of it.

I have watched about 17 or 18 of these kabuki dances before, this is the first time that I have seen an administration that takes delight in inflicting as much human pain as possible. It almost seems as if they are trying to provoke a violent response to their thug behavior.

Shameful. :dts:

Sigh :rolleyes:

He’s already said that pretty much everything is on the table, other than the ACA… which is already law.

Which he has already broken by granting delays through executive fiat and missing deadlines. The House voted to enact a legal delay in its implementation through defunding it - which is in their power to do. Sen. Reid then refused to bring that bill to a vote in the Senate. The House has sent over bills funding the rest of the government piecemeal. None of them have seen the Senate floor.

This isn’t balance of power, this is thuggery. The President and Sen. Reid want what they want, and they seem willing to let the country burn to get it.

What is “everything”? Right now Reid would rather let children die than allow democrats to vote on anything.

Ah, they don’t make Gestapo like they used to. I guess every unpleasant thing boils down to Nazis.

So, how many of these visitors where beaten? How many were shot on sight? Pfft. These people were not allowed to take pictures. When the Gestapo took you into custody, you would have be lucky to escape with injuries. You were in fear of death, not inconvenience and disappointment. Godwin’s law at its worst. Anyone who thinks this is gestapo-ish is ignorant of history.

When I want a political viewpoint I will go to the TV or an online news source. I come to these Forums to learn more about my faith. My faith does not depend upon politics – anybody’s politics!

Ah, but you clicked on this thread and posted something. Your actions contradict your post! :wink:

I would suggest you stay out of the world news forum. It is the ONLY place we are allowed to talk politics

Just wait until the debt ceiling issue comes and goes without something being passed! After this, all the Social security and disability checks will be stopped, this is really when its going to hit the fan!!

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