Get an easy Plenary Indulgence today for Portiuncula, Aug. 2


Today, Aug. 2, don’t forget to stop by a parish church and recite (out loud, though you can whisper) one Our Father and the Creed.

This will earn you a plenary indulgence under the “usual conditions”:

  • be in a state of grace when you do the work
  • go to confession within 20 days before or after
  • one Holy Communion within a couple of days
  • pray for the intentions of the Holy Father, and
  • have no attachment to sin, even venial sin.

If you don’t fulfill all the conditions, then you will get a partial, but God decides how much partial, so since you could get a 90 percent or even 99 percent, just do your best.

You can keep the indulgence for yourself or ask God to give it to a poor soul in Purgatory, such as a deceased relative of yours.

I almost forgot but fortunately read Catholic Culture and remembered :slight_smile:

don’t miss this opportunity


I love this feast! Thanks for posting!


The information I found on the internet (so it must be true :crazy_face:) states that August 2 is the Portiuncula indulgence if one visits the Portiuncula in Assisi.

For the rest of us, the website says, we must visit any parish church on the first Sunday of August.

“The Pope having been convinced of the truth of his speech, granted his petition and ordered that the little church should be solemnly consecrated and the indulgence proclaimed for the second day of August. From that time pilgrims from all parts of the world flocked to the Portiuncula church in order to gain the indulgence, and numberless were the conversions which occurred at that shrine of grace. In order to make this indulgence more accessible to the faithful, the Popes subsequently extended it to all the churches of the Franciscans. Afterwards it was extended to all parish churches, and the first Sunday of August was appointed as the day for gaining it.”

I found that information here:


Manual of Indulgences says to visit any parish church “on August 2, the day of the ‘Portiuncula’ indulgence”.

So I just go by the official manual’s wording.


I doubt it matters to God, but I have opportunity to do both – visit Our Lord at my parish this morning, and of course be at my parish on Sunday.

Thanks for sharing this with us. I’d never heard of this before.


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