Get credit for all that housework!


This just looks like too much fun!!

DH sent me the link today and I just joined. It just looks like some silly fun - a place to “get credit” for all that housework and cleaning you do every day!! Join up and track what you do against other CA members in our group (I created the group below for us, you can’t play alone).

Join code for The CA Scrubbers: 3ca60b0c6e42

Have fun!!! :smiley:



Hey lizaane, not to change the subject, but I wanted to say thanks for the link to “The One True Faith” that you have in your posts. Good stuff!:thumbsup:


Awww! Thanks RichT!! Glad you are enjoying it! :smiley:



I signed up. Anything to motivate me to do the housework! :o


I already have some basic “adventures” like washing dishes, grocery shopping, laundry, etc. added to our group. If you see anything that needs adding, just let me know. Should be fun! :smiley:



I signed up too! Looks like a lot of fun! Maybe now I’ll have a REAL reason for doing housework (as opposed to “baby lost in piles of clothes on the floor”, “dh starving”, “can’t get a glass of water b/c the sink is filled w/dirty dishes”… :smiley: )


Fortunately for me I have a double sink. I just move the faucet to the other side. :smiley:

I’ll probably sign up, too. Thanks for the info!


What fun! I joined. Hopefully at some point I’ll be alert and not throwing up long enough to actually do a chore or two!



What fun! I joined. Hopefully at some point I’ll be alert and not throwing up long enough to actually do a chore or two!



This morning, I started dusting and tidying and explained to my bewildered husband that it would get me 11 points.

He looked puzzled for a sec, and then said: "How many points for making love to your husband? :smiley: "


I just tried to join the group and I got this message:

The invite link you followed was invalid, or has expired.
If the invite code is more than three days old, it’s expired. If not, perhaps a few letters got missed off the end when someone pasted it from somewhere. Check the link, or ask the person who invited you to invite you again.



same here


Ok - looks like I need to go out and get a new code every three days for us - what a pain.

Oh well - here is the new code: 3ca68029696f

Also - my British husband has pointed out to me that calling a woman a “scrubber” is an extremely derogatory name for a - ahem - lady of low morals. :rolleyes:

So - I will take some suggestions for our new team name!! Any ideas, let me know here, and I’ll change our name when we come up with a good one.

Thanks everyone! I think this is great fun!!




Thanks everyone! I think this is great fun!!

It sure is! I think I’m gonna go do some cleaning instead of hanging on the forum! :smiley:


My baby just pooped right after I’d changed her and I just said “My brilliant darling! You’ve just earned mommy another 10 points!”


For stuff like laundry, do we claim each load or claim it just once a day?


I vote claim each load… and I don’t even do laundry, dh does! :smiley:

I actually considered relieving him of that duty so I could get more points… this game is getting out of hand, I’m going crazy :whacky:


Too bad I didn’t sign up yesterday. I did 8 loads of laundry yesterday. Today I’m up to 4, though. :smiley:

We don’t usually have that much laundry. I’m just washing sheets, comforters, blankets, etc.


I just added “caring for a sick child” and gave it more points than any other adventure due to the fact it takes away from all the other adventures.


You can still claim it.

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