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As I have mentioned in other strings, I was away from the church, returning some years ago. After finding my current parish, I was slow getting around to formally registering. Two years after starting to attend Mass there, I finally registered recently. Oh boy!

In the short time since, I was invited to so many activities and events, I can’t fit them all in. I joined women’s weekly Bible study, as well as a monthly women’s book club, and will be going to two retreats soon as well. I am volunteering to serve St. Patrick’s dinner. I was invited…an actual “please come, we sit on the left…join us” to daily mass. Dozens of people have joined me in my prayer intentions, and I in theirs. The book club is such a hit, some of the husband’s started a group at the same time which is now open to any men who want to join.

The point of this post is…join. if your parish does not have successful programs, it is likely due to lack of interest. If someone takes the time to put together fish fry, pancake breakfast, Bible study, men’s retreat…whatever…make it a priority to go, if not for yourself then to support the efforts of others

I am seeing this among these people, “yes…I will be there… you have worked so hard, it will be great!”

The second point…my parish does a great job of welcoming people. Within a week, I was called or emailed by multiple members of the parish who were involved in activities I checked off as an interest. At each, I was sought out proactively.

Just a great experience.


Wow! Every parish should be like that. My parish is not quite so proactive and outreaching, but they do have lots of programs and activities. I just pick and choose a few. God bless your parish and you!

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I think a big part of the success is that they ask current and new members to fill out questionnaires about what events and service opportunities interest them, then the leaders of those groups personally invite, welcome and introduce them. I think it takes a big step beyond a bulletin mention to say, “yes, we want to get to know you”. We have wine or coffee and appetizers or desserts at adult get togethers, too, which sets a social tone. Members take turns.

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