Get out and vote all of you faithful and orthodox Catholics and Christians!

Hey everyone! For all of you out there who are orthodox Catholics, get out and VOTE tomorrow! You want to conquer those who are evil right??? Well, get out and VOTE! We know how (you know who) committed treason this past spring, right?! Well, let’s conquer them once and FOR ALL! You know we can! Those who are evil are trembling with fear right now and we KNOW IT! If we don’t get out and vote tomorrow, guess whose liberties are at stake? The unborn!!! If we don’t get out and vote tomorrow, guess what else is at stake? Traditional marriage, the valuable lives of the elderly and sick, the economy, the unemployment rate, just about everything is at stake if us orthodox Catholics don’t get out and vote tomorrow! We need a complete and total reform of this nation! I truly believe that those who stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can win EVERY SEAT in both the house and senate, both national and at the state level, if every single one of us would just get out and vote! :thumbsup::thumbsup: So, don’t be lazy, get out and vote if you can! :thumbsup::thumbsup: Let us pray that EVIL is conquered for good this time! We can CONQUER for good this time if we just get out and vote and show them that the Truth is always better!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:


You can count on this agnostic to vote tomorrow. The reason I am mentioning this is there are 2 catholics running for office here… one took over 20,000 from planned parenthood and his wife is a teacher at the school of the parish I attend and the other catholic running for the same office is a pro-life guy. He is consistant with his belief system.
I will be voting for the one who is consistant.

Thanks to both of you! I intend to do some research here in a minute so I know exactly who to vote for! :thumbsup:

I voted last week and I’m praying heavily today! God loves us and he knows which of us are doing the right thing! [SIGN]VOTE PRO-LIFE![/SIGN]

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