'Get . . . . Out of This City': Teen Harassed in Seattle for Wearing 'MAGA' Hat


A myrmidon or unquestioning follower, carrying out Maxine’s directive to “harass”, only carrying it further. . . .

’Get the . . . Out of This City’: Teen Harassed in Seattle for Wearing ‘MAGA’ Hat

July 21, 2018 FoxNews

A teenager in Seattle, Washington was harassed by a man and a woman on the street for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

In a YouTube video of the encounter, Ashton Hess told the man who allegedly spat on his hat, “That’s my property, dude. Come on.”

The video then shows the man telling Hess to “get the f*** out [of] this city.”

Hess said that he was with his family waiting for a ride . . . .

. . . He said that the woman seen in the video knocked the hat from his head and onto the ground, after which the man spat on it.

The woman is heard saying, “You’re not welcome here” to Hess as well.

"[The man] continued to curse at and flip off my family. I did absolutely nothing . . .

“Non-Binary” Thug Attacks and Spits on Teen Trump Supporter in MAGA Hat

Cristina Laila July 20, 2018 The Gatewaypundit

Ethan Jackson, a green-haired thug who identifies as “non-binary,” attacked a teen Trump supporter in a MAGA hat in Seattle this week.

The deranged leftist then bragged about the assault on Twitter. Genius.

17-year-old Ashton Hess was on vacation in Seattle this week when a mentally deranged leftist assaulted him for wearing a red MAGA hat. . . .


Is it safe to assume guys like this harasser don’t REALLY MEAN “All Are Welcome Here” (here) yet?
At least as it applies to the city of Seattle?

See “All Are Welcome Here” song here complete with rainbow background.

(Ya mean it was a “selective “all are welcome here” all the time”?!!

What about “tolerance”, and “co-exist” and all of that stuff???!!

Ya mean you guys never REALLY meant it???

Do you mean “all” being “welcome” was just a euphemism for “sexual deviancy” [“non-binary”?]
all that time (?) and cannot even include people who liberals label as “conservative”??)

Now admittedly I am over-stating some of this for rhetorical effect, but in all seriousness, we as Americans need to get back to more basics of interacting with our neighbors. (I include myself in that admonition.)


Well, some congressional Democrats, like Maxine Waters, have advocated this.
I’m just glad no one was hurt.
I just wonder how the liberals would like it had HRC won the election, and some disgruntled Trump supporter had done the same thing to someone wearing an “I’m with her T shirt.”


Sadly, in our world teens and adults get harassed by mean people. Today crass behavior is modeled and encouraged. We must become a people of dogmatic love, radical love.


I wondered how long an anti-Trump harassment story was going to morph into . . . ."Well what about THIS? Or “What about THAT?”

Whataboutism. The tu quo que fallacy.

It was not long into the thread before those ideas showed up.

The anti-Trump harassment began virtually immediately . . . .

Here is political satirist Mark Dice discussing such an example . . . .


There’s a lot of harassment out there . Why is anti MAGA harassment special?

I’ve been harassed. Most women I know have been told terrible things in the street by men.

Off the top of my head I can recall 4 things said to me by strange men that were much worse than, “get out of my city!”


Further examples of how cruelty is the S. O. P. for many people is a far cry from “whataboutism”.

Do you deny that in our world today the standards of simple kindness or polite manners are gone?


F_Marturana . . .

Why is anti MAGA harassment special?

Because that is what I chose to begin this thread on.

Just like if you want YOU can choose to begin a thread on whatever or whoever you think is newsworthy too.


TheLittleLady . . .

Do you deny that in our world today the standards of simple kindness or polite manners are gone?


I deny that this thread focused on “the world”.

It focuses on more inappropriate “anti-Trumpism”.

And you are correct TheLittleLady. There IS a micro-cosmic aspect to all of this Trump hate that has a bigger message.

And you bringing that up is not unreasonable.

I just don’t want to see the thread get too far off topic. Thst’s all.

Thanks for you input. I agree with everything you said in the sentence I am answering.

God bless.



It’s the economy, y’all… and the security of our election assets. This MAGA hat stuff is a culture war nothing burger… in my opinion.


HCTC . . .

This MAGA hat stuff is a culture war nothing burger… in my opinion.

That is fair enough that you think that HCTC.

I disagree, but I am OK with your take on it too.

Thanks for contributing your input here.


You’re very welcome, peace out.


Pretty unlikely a Trump supporter would have done something similar.Not how conservatives roll,generally speaking.


If you want the flip side, you’ll need to visit, for example, DailyKos. You won’t find these stories on conservative media, and you don’s see many threads started here on the “world news” stories.


Are you equating physical assault / battery with free speech???


Why would you ask such a question?


Probably because you didn’t have a sitting Congress woman encouraging your harassment.


I wish they would let these people alone. The are hapless, and it does more to leave them make fools out of themselves then condemning them. Light will always overtake darkness, and it will be important to recall what the dark was like, so we steer from path again.

Most Trump supporters are not evil…just ignorant.


Oops! Surely you meant “different” but not ignorant. What would they be ignorant of???


You are hilarious!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


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