Get to know Satan after school! After School Satan Club?


Looks like the Satanic Temple has their next pet project all lined up. They’re going after programs designed for kids after school which are run by fundamentalist Christian groups at Public Schools. Namely the Interdenominational Good News Club which operates in 3500 schools nationwide. They object to Christian groups having access to public schools in this manner and as a result are launching what they’re terming “After School Satan” which will also be available in public schools that host the Good News Club.

Their release video for the project can be viewed in the link below.


I think this is the third one… hopefully not the third one deleted! But this thread will cause controversy nonetheless. Here’s what I said last time:

I don’t take them seriously. Sure, they’re messing with some evil stuff in any instance, but 90% of them are just atheists, agnostics, and secularists who pretend to worship Satan (and Satan is a Judaic concept that spread to the rest of the Abrahamic religions). A very small portion of Satanists actually believe in or worship Satan.

This is likely just a sick joke on their part. :mad:


I think this is the third one… hopefully not the third one deleted! But this thread will cause controversy nonetheless. Here’s what I said last time:


Oh I’m sure it’s a sick joke on their part. The imagery alone however is very disturbing. I mean I get that they’re mostly atheists and humanists that have only adopted demonic imagery to help make their point. But they’re playing a dangerous game that’s frankly not necessary to play to make their point. :shrug:

And yeah hopefully this one stays. Couldn’t convince the mods to put the first one back up after I found a different article on the situation.


Who in their right mind is going to set aside a day of their elementary child’s busy week to mock other people’s religious beliefs? I mean really? We can’t get people to come to parent teacher conferences! Dentists come to our school to do our student’s dental work because their parents can’t find time outside of the school day! They are starting a club that no one is going to join.


The Jewish HaSatan is not a bad guy, as opposed to the Satan of Christianity and Islam. He works under the direction and orders of G-d to tempt us severely but hopes we resist. He has other functions as well but he is not a fallen angel or the enemy of G-d. If it is THIS concept of Satan (which I doubt) the group is discussing, it is not such a bad activity or group.


I’d hope the parents put a stop to it. Teenage kids often have a fascination with evil, death and the occult (because they still have the remnants of their childhood innocence, so do not understand how evil evil really is) which is why such things as horror films and the Ouija board are periodically popular in this demographic.

The last thing the kids need is adult encouragement to dabble in Satan, under any definition.



You’d be surprised. I have a cousin who is a militant atheist who insists on being as disrespectful to religious beliefs, particularly Christian beliefs, as he can.

I mean we all get together for holidays and my daughter’s godparents like to say grace before the meal, but the cousin in question goes out of his way to start eating as soon as we join hands for the blessing as just one example. I could see him in a district with something like this enrolling his sons in it just to spite religion and those of religious faith.

Which is kind of the point these Satanic Temple types are going for. They’re not true traditional Satanist (at least most of them aren’t). They’re simply trying to as graphically oppose religion, and Christianity in particular, in the public sphere as they possibly can. Their choice of imagery and using “Satan” as their guide is no mistake. They know it’ll get a rise out of people of faith. I mean I know they’re not really Satanist in the traditional sense that they actual worship Satan, but their choice of imagery still gets a rise out of me despite intellectually knowing most of them are simply atheists making a point.


True on all of what you just said. And that’s likely what they want, is for their after school program to be put to a stop. But to do so, the districts will also have to disband the Christian after school program as well. Which ultimately is the Satanic Temple’s goal. They couldn’t care less about running their own program. Their goal is the removal of all the similar religious programs in the public schools.


Yawn. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a much better mockery of religion, and all of these people thinking they’re so clever annoy me anyway. Sadly, these folks aren’t even on my top 10 list of threats to Christianity.


Again obviously being done to get attention, and it’s apparently working.


I remember Donald Trump once saying, “The wall just got ten feet taller” when his border wall idea was attacked. The Christian response to this group’s antics should be similar.

“Oh, you have a satanic after school program? We just added two more Christian ones”


LOL. That’s how it **should **work.



This kind of news is just horrifying. We really should take care not to underestimate their efforts.


Agreed. :thumbsup:


I agree.

And I don’t think this is being done for attention, as someone else has pointed out, or even to mock Christianity. Those are the official rationalizations, IMO.

I suspect this is being done to have satanic invocations done at schools throughout the country, thus formally and ritualistically inviting the demonic into the school and into the lives of the children.


The old Reagan Cold War strategy?


Atheists already have after school clubs:

Atheists combat Christian after-school program ‘Good News Club’ by forming their own ‘Better News Club’

These “School Satan Clubs” seem to accomplish the same goal but only in a more sensational way.


Often times this is done to test a systems fairness to other religions dispositions (including to those of no religion). Presumably if a system is fair then it will allow the Satanism to participate. If it doesn’t allow them to participate the system is seen as unfair and things elevate to court. Some systems will shut down religious activities all together as not to deal with the satanist.

They usually refer to the Satan of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost.”

Satanism generally do not believe that Satan or demons exists. I don’t think they are trying to invite any such entities.


Good News Clubs teaches Evangelical Christian gospel and Bible scripture in elementary schools across the nation. Children must have parental permission to attend the club, which is in 3,560 schools, over five percent of all schools, according to The Washington Post. Mesner added: ‘If Good News Clubs would operate in churches rather than public schools, that need would disappear. But our point is that if you let one religion into the public schools you have to let others, otherwise it’s an establishment of religion.’

Just so. The courts have held that school support for clubs has to be “content neutral”. If you allow a Support the Troops Club you can’t ban a Stop the War Club.

I’m sure the Evangelicals would have little objection to a Catholic or Jewish Club. They’d probably have just as big a problem with a Muslim Club as they do with Satanists.

I would limit school clubs to school subjects: Spanish club, Science club, &c.

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