getting a rosary blessed

Even though I am still in R.C.I.A. and haven’t even moved into the catechumenate yet, can I get my rosary blessed now? How do I go about it?

Thanks - sorry for the rather mundane question. :o

Sure, just bring it to a priest and ask him to bless it. Hope that wasn’t too mundane. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a related question. I was given a nice rose petal rosary that someone else owned before I did. It may have already been blessed but I’m not sure. Should I go ahead and get it blessed just in case? :shrug::confused:

Holly I would, I see nothing wrong with that. I was given my grandfathers large beaded rosary and I feel it was already blessed but I had it blessed again to be sure. I just take what I want blessed to confession and have the priest do it there.

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