Getting away with sin

If you’re intelligent enough to get by in this life, why would you need God? What tangible difference does God make in this life? If you’re content in how you’re living and your conscience is fine with it, why does it matter ultimately? If you are wise or lucky enough to avoid the ramifications of sin, why doesn’t matter? Some people are smart enough to only sin in ways that hurt others.

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But the conscience is not, is it?

This does not happen, not in this life, or the next.

Because only God can remit Original Sin


This life is not all there is. That is why we need god even if we think we don’t.


The difference is living like an orphan versus living in the house of a loving Father. This life is temporary but eternity is forever. I’d much rather go with the guidance, love, and care of my good Father, than struggle through it alone and hope to somehow crash land in Heaven.


How can you not need God when you are dependent on him for every breath you take?

“Some people are smart enough to only sin in ways that hurt others.” A sin is still a sin and, if your conscience to okay with that, then you either do not have a well-formed conscience or you’re a psychopath.


James 1:17 Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.[f] 18 In fulfillment of his own purpose he gave us birth by the word of truth, so that we would become a kind of first fruits of his creatures.

His Will as He spoke to her interior,

“My daughter, observe these three rules, namely: never say I will or I will not. Never say mine, but always ours. Never excuse yourself, but always accuse yourself. When you repeat the Our Father’ take always for your maxim, Fiat voluntas tua, that is, may his will be done in everything that may happen to you, whether good or ill; from theHail Mary’ take the word Jesus, and may it be implanted in your heart, and it will be a sweet guide and shield to you in all the necessities of life. And from the rest of Scripture take always for your support this word, Love, with which you will go on your way, direct, pure, light, watchful, quick, enlightened, without erring, yet without a guide or help from any creature; for love needs no support, being sufficient to do all things without fear; neither does love ever become weary, for even martyrdom is sweet to it. And, finally, this love will consume all the inclinations of the soul, and the desires of the body, for the things of this life.”


If you really espouse this line of thinking…I will pray for you.

No bueno.

You will always be very dissatisfied when you rely on your own will for happiness.


NOTHING good in life is without God’s grace. We must pray and ask Him for His grace.


If we keep ignoring God and our desperate need for Him in this life…we will recognize our foolishness in the next. I know it’s easy to hide our head under the pillow and pretend He’s not there…but that will only bring us sorrow. Life might seem to be going ok without God, but it’s only temporary. He is calling us to love Him and give Him our lives.


“Getting away with sin” - Impossible.


It is BECAUSE of God’s grace that you are even still here raising such questions in a Catholic forum! God hopes that you, [along with me] will take advantage at some point the graces given to all sinners, in hopes that they will recognize his providence and begin to serve and love him.


We’ve been over this.

You can’t know how sin truly affects someone else. Life is not facebook.


Saints are very happy people…and they bring joy to others.

Not so with just being so called intelligent, some of the most unhappy people I’ve run across and they don’t serve others, which is the goal in life.


What does this even mean? Please give an example.

What’s God’s grace? Seriously what does grace mean and why do we need it?

I think narcissists sin this way. Or maybe sin hurts them too, but they don’t care because the gain of the sin outweighs the pain.


IF one is intelligent enough that is not necessarily going to get a person to the right conclusion. For example, Bill Gates is a very bright guy. He’s also either the # 1 or #2 richest guy on the planet. Yet he is an atheist. He’s getting by fabulously in this life. What “IF” he ends up in hell for all eternity, was he soooo intelligent in reality? Was getting by in this life, worth THAT consequence?

Yet one might immediately take his view and ask

What IF there is no God. Then IF he is right it doesn’t matter… right? When death occurs there is nothing. No rewards or punishments for anything done in. this life.

So what’s the answer?

This isn’t a matter of intelligence but faith. As Paul put it, getting down to the nitty gritty, our faith can be proved by

Jesus came back after death.

that’s presuming there is ultimately no consequence for the one who causes THAT to another.
that’s betting there is no God, no final judgement.

The one who spoke in the beginning and everything that is, came into existence, told this story

I can say without any hesitation, whose side I want to be on. This life compared to eternity isn’t even a blink. One ought to be focused on the next life.


Good grief, JUMP,
Are we under a test, you’re giving or are you waiting for someone to say, what you want to hear!
If you believe in GOD, you never get away w sin. He knows all!
If you don’t believe in God, you’re going to find out you’re wrong!
He knows your heart. I’ll have fun now and behave when I’m older?? Too Late! He knows you put other gods before Him.
I need a boyfriend, I like sex. I like frisky music and skimpy clothes. I want to go to that movie… He knows! YOUR FREE WILL can get you a ticket going south. Have fun

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