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I am at the point where I want to escape the human world and just serve God. I feel like I need escape this world and just live the Catholic life. Is there things like this that can be done ?

Nope. If you do, you’re on your own. Even orders that have hermits require the hermit to interact with the brothers at least once a week. And wanting to escape is not a good reason for joining any religious order. In fact, I’m sure you would be rejected if that was the only reason you could come up with.

What are you afraid of? Do not trust in man, yes. This seems to be an extreme here.

I don’t know why you want to “escape,” but what I used to do when I needed a break from humanity was go camping. I chose places off the beaten track & could sometimes go a week without seeing another human. That would rest & recharge me so I could get back to my regular life.

I know how you feel. I think most Catholics can sympathise with you. The world can be a depressing place, especially now the Enemy is rampant. However, I am currently discerning my vocation to the Priesthood, so I am directing my feelings on divining how I can help my future children on how to live a Christian life in this heathen world. I have thought that my vocation might be in either the Monastic or Eremetic life, but the more I ponder, the more I feel the Lord calling me to the secular Priesthood. I feel now that escaping the world’s problems would be too easy, and an act of defeat.

Unfortunately, this is not the 4th Century, where one could opt to go to the hills and live in a cave. Even hermits, whether in community or not, have to interact with the human world at some point.

As someone who is discerning a vocation I would highly urge you to speak to your Parish Priest. There could be a reason why you are feeling the way you are, but it might need some discernment. Beseech the Lord to enlighten your mind. I would also invite you to think about having a Spiritual Director, who is a Priest who helps you discern what God wants you to do. It might also be a good idea to write a spiritual diary, similar to St. Faustina’s Diary, noting down what you are feeling and what the Lord is doing in your life. I have been advised to do likewise for my discernment.

God bless.

How do you intend to serve God without serving His people?

“Escape” is not the right attitude to have when desiring to serve God. One serves God out of love for him and neighbour. Not to “escape” some perceived depraved society. Otherwise, it’s really just “me”, and we’re using “service” as a cover.

The psalmist David felt the same way and was inspired to pray:

If only I had wings like a dove
that I might fly away and find rest.
Far away I would flee;
I would stay in the desert.–Psalm 55:2-8.

It is a very normal thing for those who love God and righteousness to want to just “fly away and find rest.” In fact, many of the first religious orders in the Church were created because some Christians saw this need to “escape” as part of a vocation to a life of prayer.

The world will always have conflict until the End of the Age. Thus the world and those who live in it will always need prayer. Some are called to this type of life even now. While it may be closing oneself from direct contact with the world, it is NOT closing oneself to the world. In fact it a great service to live a life of constant prayer and contemplation for this very purpose.

This may be the beginning of hearing a calling from God that can lead you to be part of the solution that escapes many who are called to live a different way of life. You may wish to speak to your parish priest further about this. You may be called to live a life of peace in order to help bring peace.–Matthew 5:9.

Maybe a brief retreat would help?

As someone who has very very little contact with the world outside my house, I know exactly what the OP means

When I close my gate, a symbolic and prayerful act, I say I am leaving Ireland and entering the state of Grace, ( house is called Grace now)

I live very simply and am careful what I involve in. I involve when it is needed to HELP OTHERS and I capitalise this deliberately.

I am well supervised I assure you.

The world out there has become what Benedict withdrew from. Here in rural Ireland too. I do nvolve if folk are in great need,… Happens here believe me, One man owes his very life to that … . I do trade at a market to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and I chat to folk when I am out and love them dearlyi

But I live simply and avoid social occasions. Much time in workful silence that is productive for others. ie I meet the world at its point of need and mine.

In a balance that has been honed over long years.

OP balance will come. I never said what you r esaying as such though. People are caught up in the world often against their choice. I had no choice as i was rejected by the world in so many ways. Which I am now grateflul for .

Not despising but rejecting what I see s wrong … sorry words are hard! People see accusation where there is none

If you are talking re a solitray life style, that is fine too. I have that. It was not initially my choice but then it became so… And I would live no other life…

NB the Catholic life does mean caring for others!But we make choices each and all of us. I have chosen here to live very simply, giving all I can to those who can make headway against evils out there that cause suffering, A deeply fulfilling life.

pm me by all means OP. Bess you! How old are you by the way?

“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

                                                                                      unknown author

The desert mystics did not go away from man to be away from man, but to learn how to live with man.

You don’t serve God by being away from men, you serve by serving other men,

Remember, God humbled Himself and became man in Jesus Christ.

This means that the Almighty, took on human nature and lived with men, walked with men, served men and eventually allowed Himself to be put to death by stupid men.


Great idea…

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