Getting Back on Track

Due to some big changes in my life that led to a very busy schedule, I’ve let my prayer life suffer. Not surprisingly, some sinful habits came creeping back that I thought I’d rooted out long ago.

Anyway, I’m looking for some advice from others with a busy schedule about how they fit prayer and contemplation into their routines.

I tried praying the LOTH for Lent, but that was pretty much impossible. I’ve done daily Mass in the past and will likely try that again, but I’m also looking for some suggestions of good directed meditations that perhaps I could bring to Adoration or simply meditate on throughout the day when I get a moment–just to keep reminding myself that seeing God in Heaven is the ultimate reason for my life and not the minutia that I’m tempted to put ahead of Him on a daily basis.


I tend to do spontaneous prayers through the day, just talking to God about my needs and the needs of others whom I love. I pray for intentions listed on this board. I praise God for the good things that are happening.

i’ll pray for you. Just try to include maybe a rosary daily and attend daily mass, and try to surround yourself with people who will be a good example for you.

When you say “contemplation” are you talking about contemplative prayer?

Such as the kind where you listen to or read a scripture verse and then sit silently with it, without thinking about it? Because if this isn’t what you mean, then you might like to try it! :slight_smile:

After doing contemplative prayer for 12 years, I’ve learned to silence my mind even during active times, and invite the Lord in for a “quick healing” job. Like if I’m getting anxious over something, I put my mind in “contemplative mode” and it dissolves. And since I can catch a contemplative moment here and there, I don’t have to rely on long periods of silent prayer like I did the first 10 years or so. Long periods are excellent, but on a day to day basis I can get the benefit of the prayer even if I just have a few moments at a time. :wink:


That sounds like what I am looking for, Alan. Thank you so much.

Nice. See more about it at CCC 2700-2724.


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