Getting banned from other forums


Well, I don’t know if I want to mention, which forum I got banned from seeing as I used a different moniker there and all. But I did get banned. It was for a different (non-christian) group, and I really did want to dialog, and talk. To learn about their religion. I admit that I did post on two separate threads involving people converting from the Catholic Faith, saying basically that I don’t approve, and added a pray or those two threads. I also placed the prayer for the souls in purgatory on another. Besides that - not trying to proletyze (sp?) I simply corrected misrepresentations of the Catholic/Christian Faith. I guess these could be seen as bad moves - but I honestly did want to learn about that religion, and post honest questions. It just sucks to get banned, and it sucks that people are so rude. I mean - I honestly tried to be polite. I tried to tell them where I stood. :frowning:



I used to post on a messageboard that is very much against rock music there. I pointed out to the guy who ran the place that his favorite SG group used the same studio musicians that the artists he condemns uses. When he claimed that I was lying, I showed him evidence from the SG groups’ own liner notes.

He then continued to insist that I was lying and claimed that I must have somehow made up their liner notes because he knew these people personally.

What he didn’t know is that, because of my past in the music industry, I actually have an in with some of them and so I emailed them.

They emailed me back and told me that they’d never heard of the guy and admitted that they did use the same studio musicians and said that there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s what studio musicians are for.

When I passed these things along and called his bluff, he pitched a fit, telling everybody how the Devil sent me there to introduce people to the evils of rock music and whatnot. Needless to say, he banned me.

Where it really gets funny is that I also post on, which shares a lot of posters with this other board. When the folks at Baptistboard heard what he did, they staged a mass protest until he finally had to relent.

The whole thing was just bizzare. The strangest thing is that, up until the subject of rock music came up, we got along very well and he tended to agree with me on most things.

I still post there, but he’s since sold the site and is gone. There’s some irony for you.


I got banned several times from the one ‘christian’ forum :wink: , using the same UserName (Montalban)

Most recently I went back into the site to look for a post - for evidence I’d previously used - and noticed I had full access rights again.

Also after they banned me once I got an e-mail where they said I’d be banned again for using another UserName to log-in, and the name that they gave was one I’d never used anywhere - so some poor guy or girl was mistaken for me and banned!



Did you get a warning, or at least an explanation?



I was given an explanation - and I guess I was given a warning of sorts, because a person posted the forum rules - after which I didn’t quote scripture, but just said again why I had come (because they thought I was there solely to evangelize them).



a little off topic and just a random though: I’ve been thinking of joining baptist board…I mean, I was raised to be baptist after all. Perhaps I’ll get around to it sometime.

I haven’t been banned from any sites thankfully :slight_smile:


Be careful about their requirements.

I tried to join a board run by Protestants but a requirement was that I read a statement of values and agree to them, but it included points of belief that would have meant a denial of my faith


Muslims even let us on message boards now. I tried, failed, and a muslim here hooked me up.

I have never posted there, but I view the threads and sign off.

I never had to agree to anything that would deny any christian denomination, or Jewish, or many others.


I got banned by a Baptist site one time before I ever even made a post. I said my religion was “Catholic” and I one of my interests was “Apologetics”-- so that was kind of expected :stuck_out_tongue:


Baptistboard used to be open to anyone but about four years ago, they were flooded with atheists from and liberals from wherever it is liberals come from.

It was a disaster. They flooded the boards with so much blasphemy and profanity that the boards were constantly being taken down for cleaning.

Because of this, they made a new policy. While some non-Baptist members are considered under certain circumstances, and some non-Baptists were grandfathered over and thus, exempted from the purge, it is essentially a baptist only board.

You can try to apply and state your case. Look for a moderator named Brother Bob. He’s very fair and if you can explain your situation to him, you might get in.



How closed minded. Jw dont have a forum for us, I asked. No answer.
They use this one instead.


Brother Bob? Okay, I’ll keep an eye out for him if I decide to take the plunge…honesty I’m not sure I’m ready to throw myself back into the world of Baptists yet :shrug:


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