getting candles blessed?

Ground Hog’s Day, and the end of Christmas.

I need a recipe for ground hog stew with buttermilk biscuits–to be eaten by candlelight. Anyone? :smiley:

Right. Excellent post.

It was also, under the previous liturgical calendar, the end of the Christmas season.

Right. Nothing to do with the feast of St. Blase.

I have a friend in Colorado who makes beautiful beeswax candles. :slight_smile: She’s a Catholic homeschooling mom with her own ranch out on the eastern plains and makes her own fresh goatsmilk soap too. She is still working on her website here The candle page isn’t done yet, but you can contact her through the site and work out the details. She is set up for PayPal. She does great work, her whole family gets involved, and she’s a wonderful person. Oh, and she goes to an FSSP parish too. :slight_smile:

Hilarious! lol

thanks for the replies! :slight_smile: good news! I found out that my FSSP parish is having a Mass tomorrow (Feb 2nd) and candles will be blessed there :slight_smile: I think candles will also be given out at the beginning of Mass. I hope to one day get some beeswax candles. :slight_smile:

Yesterday, the Feast of the Presentation (CandleMass), I attended Mass at my parish, which in the past blessed Candles at that Mass - we have a large number of Hispanics, who apparently are more into that old tradition (they also bring water bottles to be blessed). Unfortunately, the traditional blessing didn’t happen. After Mass I asked the priest to bless the candle I did bring - and he did.
I have a tradition to bless the throats of my grandkids on the Feast of St Blaise - using the standard prayer of St Blaise while holding the blessed candle to their throats - then ask the kids to bless their parents in the same manner.
Some say that only a priest or a deacon should bless in such a manner, yet the Book of Blessings allows for laypeople (like myself) to say such a blessing. All the baptized are members of the royal priesthood - and we may exercise - what the Church allows - in private, what in public is reserved to the ordained priesthood.
My feeling is, that in a family setting, this ritual blessing (by a baptized person) has the same effect as that of a priest or deacon in a public ritual setting. I would rather my grandkids learn to bless their parents than to curse them - as many seem to do. Also, unfortunately, my grandkids are not being formally cathecized, except by my traditions that I bring to their home periodically throughout the year (their parents are not practicing their (our) faith, but I continue to pray that they eventually will.

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