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So as a man I have to stop myself from masturbating when the natural urge for sex is there. I have a wife and every now and then she says yes to sex but on some occasions like tonight we were in bed and when I was ready I lost it and was unable to but was very much switched on my wife said I lost my chance and left. I was left very much switched on but unable to switch off and she had gone so as much as I didn’t want to I ended up sinning alone. o round and round I go like this a sin I don’t want to commit but constantly going round and round an yet my wife remains in a sate of grace forever never worrying about the loss of heaven as her body doesn’t cry out in the same way nor is left on the precipice like she sometimes leaves me.

I feel like I spend 50% of my lie in mortal sin waiting for confession and yet it seems that the hardest thing for me is the easies thing for her, staying in a state of grace. I obviously don’t wish mortal sin on her but I don’t think I will ever get passed this and feel it will be luck whether I get to heaven depending on whether I die on a weekend after confession or the end of the week when I am in mortal sin.

If t weren’t for this one sin I wouldn’t have committed a single mortal sin in roughly 5 or 6 years and yet I commit scores of them per year.

I know there is no answer but how can it be so unfair so one sided how on earth does a man get to heaven with testicles.

I would first like to address the fact that you assume women do not have just as strong urges. It is wrong of you to think that men have it harder than women. It depends on the person, not the sex of said person.

You seem less bitter with sin, and more bitter that your wife does not deal with the same kind of sin as you. We all sin, we are all imperfect. Nothing about that is one sided, for we are all equal in our downfall, our human existence.

I suggest you speak to a priest, as they will be able to help you with your bitter feelings.

A clear rule for self-control handed down by the Fathers is this: stop eating while still hungry and do not continue until you are satisfied. When the Apostle said, ‘Make no provision to fulfill the desires of the flesh’ (Rom. 13:14), he was not forbidding us to provide for the needs of life; he was warning us against self-indulgence. Moreover, by itself abstinence from food does not contribute to perfect purity of soul unless the other virtues are active as well. Humility, for example, practiced through obedience in our work and through bodily hardship, is a great help. If we avoid avarice not only by having no money, but also by not wanting to have any, this leads us towards purity of soul. Freedom from anger, from dejection, self-esteem and pride also contributes to purity of soul in general, while self-control and fasting are especially important for bringing about that specific purity of soul which comes through restraint and moderation. No one whose stomach is full can fight mentally against the demon of unchastity. Our initial struggle therefore must be to gain control of our stomach and to bring our body into subjection not only through fasting but also through vigils, labors and spiritual reading, and through concentrating our heart on fear of Gehenna and on longing for the kingdom of heaven.



It is fair, and there is an answer. Masterbation is not a sin. If God was so very worried about masterbation he wouldn’t have placed hands in such an incredibly convenient position on the human frame. :slight_smile: Give God some credit, he’s not a monster out to torture you. Give yourself some credit, you’re not doing anything wrong. So stop needlessly torturing yourself. Relax. smile, take care of business as needed, enjoy it.

If Jesus thought masterbation was an important issue I’m sure he would have addressed it in his sermons. Masterbation policy doesn’t come from Jesus, it’s a relic of celibate self torturing Middle Ages priests who were so horny they couldn’t think straight.

Find something more important to feel guilty about. When was the last time you volunteered for Catholic Charities or some other community service project? If not recently, you have my blessing to worry and feel guilty about that.

WRONG!!! Preaching secular thinking on a Catholic forum is a bit over the line. ME, Me, Me. What about God, God, God? I recognize you are not affiliated with a religion. Then why would you give such a load of garbage as an answer? This is not a game. This is not make me feel better in my sin. He is looking for honest answers.

I will pray for the OP and for you Ormond. May God Bless you both.

Jesus, I trust in you.


I am preaching, that is true. But I’m not preaching secular values. I’m preaching the Christian values of mercy, acceptance and compassion for the innocent.

BTW, please don’t insult me and then say you’re praying for me. Insulting me is ok. Praying for me is ok. Try not to combine the two if you can.

Telling someone masturbation is NOT a sin and relax and enjoy it does not sound like Christian values. And it certainly does not adhere to Catholic beliefs. That’s why I used the term secular.

Lastly, I can see where some of my statements crossed the line from honest discussion. I do apologize for insulting you. But, just because I disagree with you, does not mean I can’t pray for you.

God Bless you.

Lastly, I can see where some of my statements crossed the line from honest discussion.

I do that myself on a regular basis.

I do apologize for insulting you. But, just because I disagree with you, does not mean I can’t pray for you. .

Ok, no problem. Of course you can disagree, pray, insult, whatever, all is agreeable here. Sorry, I didn’t mean to make a big deal out of it.

No Problem. God Bless You.

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