Getting in sync with each other


My husband and I both have very strong libidos. After having my first child, however, we always seem to be out of sync. When I'm in the mood, he's not, and vice versa. We've struggled through a difficult post partum period, including a delayed return to relations and pain during intercourse (which has been treated and solved), and now we're struggling with this. Any ideas on how to fix it? Do we just 'grin and bear it'?


The answer is that you both need to submit to relations sometimes when you may not be in the best mood for it. You'd be surprised that if you at least let your spouse try to get you going that a lot of the time you end up enjoying it by the end.


It’s not uncommon in the least!! I’ve had 3 children and each time it took a bit of time to get it back. Mind you things probably will never go exactly back to the way it pre-baby but the thing is to keep the lines of communications open and keep having sex!


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