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Need some help/directions. A co-worker told me that he is getting married but will not be getting married in Church. The thing is, they are getting married in Phoenix (they are live in NY) and his GF tried to get in touch with 2 churches there and couldn’t get the parish/Priest to marry them (both first marriages). I offer to help (thru’ you guys), but he said not to bother. Becoz’ I am not from the States (from Singapore), I do not know how to go about to “direct” him to any church/Priest, especially their not too good experience. I could only suggest to him, to consider getting his marriage blessed in NY. Of which he “thot” he would consider doing so, after the wedding (the wedding prep is “driving” him crazy). I also, suggested that he attends the CANA prep, but since they are not having a church wedding he does not plan on doing that. I know that is it not up to me to “make” him go through a church wedding, I was just wondering, whatelse if there was anything I could do. Any suggestions?

FYI, I am normally just read the forums and seldom participant, so if I do not respond to you, please forgive me in advance if I don’t seem to respond. But do appreciate your thots.

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does not sound as if the coworker cares 2 hoots for the Church law on marriage, but if he is sincere, you can tell him that the starting place is with their pastor where they live now, because that is where they will do their marriage preparation. To be married outside the parish and diocese they need permission of the pastor, and of the pastor of the church where the ceremony will be. His local pastor can guide him in making those contacts.


Thanks for your quick response. can’t really say that he does care. But not a church goer, in the sense of the word. Can’t really say that they are “getting” back into church. Though they are “kinda” going to church. But they are sincere people, from my point of view, just not very educated and don’t really have a r’ship with God. Honestly, feel kinda sad for him/them. But wish I could do something (maybe it is my own agenda here!)


I concur. They need to start with their pastor, do the prep, get the dispensations, and get contacts for Phoenix through their pastor.
As for prep driving him crazy? Remind him that going through a divorce/annulment will drive him even crazier.

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