Getting married in a week!


Hey all, I guess this is rather superfulous (sp?) post, but I am posting it here (hopefully it’s ok!)

I’m getting marred next saturday, July 21st. So this is for all you marrieds (women?) out there. It’s a week away, but it hasn’t really downed on me that I am getting married yet. Like, I can’t wait to BE Married to my love, but…I’m scared! Like, I can feel it starting to dawn on me a little bit, but as I think about it, rather than getting excited I am getting REALLY nervous. Thinking about BEING Married makes me really happy. Kids, honeymoon (caribbean!) and just being with him makes me happy, but thinking about the wedding is making me SO nervous! Is that normal? I really love him, but as I realize more and more I am getting married, I get so nervous!


Don’t worry about it–it’s perfectly normal and something I went through too. I was super emotional in the weeks leading up to the wedding and (as I told my then fiance in tears) “it’s not that I’m scared about getting married–I’m just so nervous about the wedding.” I think it’s really just stress…

Good luck, girl! :hug1: I’m sure you’ll be a beautiful bride! :clapping:


How exciting! I just got married this past May. A few days before the wedding I was a wreck! People kept asking me the same questions over and over again. Once my husband (then fiance) called and asked me what time the wedding started, I about flipped. Then my brother called and asked what he should wear to the rehearsal dinner. I yelled at him so bad my mom had to take the phone away from me. :o


This is normal…ask Christ to help you. It helped me to concentrate more on the Sacrament of Matrimony then it did to think about the Wedding itself, does this make sense?

My husband (then-fiancee) said something wonderful to me that I will never forget…When I was nervous about everything he said to me “What difference does it make if it rains and everyone has car trouble and the band does not show up and the dinner is ruined and your dress gets a big stain on it!!! The only people that I am worried about being there is you, me and the priest! At the end of the day we will be husband and wife which is ALL that matters!”

It is only human to worry about a big event that you have planned. **Of course **you are nervous about the wedding, who wouldn’t be? I was nervous too but thinking about things in true perspective helped me some.

Congratulations and you are in my prayers! May God bless your marriage.


Thanks everyone. I think the prolem is sometimes nailing down exactly WHAT it is I am nervous about. I am really nervous, and it’s so weird!I am a performer! I Do solos, play in orchestras, sing in choirs, stuff like that, so I am used to nerves, but this is crazy! LOL


Thia is not superflous at all! Congrats!

I just wanted to say congrats and that I hope someday I can post a thread like this (I am unmarried.) I will let the married ladies give advice.


You are days away from committing the REST OF YOUR LIFE to this person! If you weren’t nervous, you would be insane!

I was so nervous on my wedding day that my husband sent the best man to the back of the church to tell me jokes and calm me down. Someone must have told him that I was a bit freaked out, because we didn’t see each other before the ceremony.

Once the Mass started, I calmed down, and I remember being so excited while taking my vows. We got comments afterward on how ours was the nicest wedding many of the attendees had been to in a long time. (Guess we did a good job of picking readings? Or maybe they liked our Prayer of the Couple, which we wrote ourselves with the original as a guide. Not sure why they said that…maybe they could just tell we were so happy to be there…)

You’ll be fine. Just keep reminding yourself of all the good reasons you are marrying him… help yourself smile through the nervousness. If you are really sure he is the one, then just accept this as normal and calm yourself down with sweet memories and daydreams of married life. When your wedding is over and you are posing for pictures, you’ll be thinking, “What, it’s over already?! That was so fast!”


Your being nervous is very normal. I got married last year, and I was terrified of the change. Leaving my mom’s house, living w/a guy, paying rent, cooking, cleaning… my DH had cold feet (I’m sad to say) but when the day of the wedding came, I was so excited, but we were like two healdess chickens running around. Making sure things went right, etc… I was so stressed out, my mom came to give me a shot of tequila! I was freaking out because somehow, my bra didn’t fit correctly with the dress… The straps were suddenly too long, so there we had my grandma doing her trick with my dress and had to go braless :o.

But don’t worry, relax, think about how great your life is going to be with this man! Pray so you are calm. Just remember that you’re marrying this man for a reason, and that reason should take some of the nervousness away.

Once the wedding’s done and over with, you’ll think back and get this HUGE smile on your face. DH and I were in our honeymoon and thought, if we wouldn’t have been so nervous, we would’ve enjoyed the wedding so much more than we did… Don’t sweat it too much. ENJOY that special day!! Congratulations!!!


when you stand in the back of the church, waiting to walk… take a deep breath and suck it all in. that moment is one you want to remember forever… look around, make mental notes of every detail. when you walk into the church… .take a look at everyone and take a mental snapshot.

and the marriage part isn’t so hard. my wife and i have a simple rule… “don’t be a jerk”. we always treat each other like best friends we are. the rest is easy. it’s just details. 95% of what you think is important … isn’t.



Nervous? No reason! So long as you don’t trip over your own trail, there’s nothing to worry about. :smiley:

I wouldn’t worry though, seriously. I’ve just had two friends recently get married, and they made it through and now sound rather happy (at least on the phone when I talked with them.)

An idea: better than photography, write JOURNAL ENTRIES leading up to the wedding and following it, to record your thoughts and feelings. Photography and memory don’t always record these well.


Yeah, I’ve performed in front of an audience at least once per year since I was 5, but I still got nervous before the wedding. It’s normal. It’s something you’ve never done before, so regardless of how much you plan, you don’t really know what to expect.

My one piece of advice to you is to try as much as you can to eat something before the wedding. Our wedding was at 11 am, and I was too nervous before that to do anything other than choke down half a cup of coffee and take a couple of bites from a muffin. As soon as I got down the aisle with my dad, my nerves disappeared and my stomach started growling. It growled through the entire service. Thank goodness we didn’t have a full Mass; I might have passed out. :eek:


Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

My husband and I had one of our worst arguments about a month before our wedding. Looking back, it was a case of nerves. We’ve been married for almost 7 years and I am so thankful to God for him.

Oh, the wedding day goes by so fast! There’s really not alot of time to get too nervous.

I’m sure you will make a beautiful bride!


Most people think that the bride is the only one that is nervous…guess again, it’s a common complaint of both the bride and the groom.

But with the help of God, and also some calming influences around you…and lots of prayers, you will survive this.
Your wedding day is just the first day of your marriage, don’t put yourself under stress…take deep breaths, ask God to intercede along with your favorite saint.

Your groom loves you and everyone who will be at your wedding. Jesus will be there too, since you asked him to be as much as part of your wedding day as with your whole marriage.

Get plenty of rest and dont’ forget to eat and drink healthy stuff and you wonder why you were so nervous five years, fifty years from now. God bless you on forming a new family!:wink:


my fiancee and I have been talking a lot about all of this stuff that you all are mentioning. It’s really helped us, and we know we are stressed so it’s easier for us not to get at each other too bad.

The wedding is just 6 days away now. wow! I am starting to get really really excited, nervous, but still excited.:smiley:


Very very exciting, congratulations. Enjoy the last few days being engaged… I was in a total wedding withdrawl for the following three months after my honeymoon. I missed being a bride!

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