Getting married in the Philippines

Hello all I hope that everyone is doing well during these times,

So I need help so my wedding has been postponed due to the virus which is really sad, but now something has come up that me and my fiancee are having a hard time to understand. So as far as we knew everything with the marriage was fine but today my fiancee saw something on a Facebook page that she follows and we are not sure if I have to convert to roman Catholic. I am a non-roman Catholic Christian and my church is a Anglican church (ST Mary’s Church). We just want to know if a Catholic priest marries us that the marriage will be valid in the law because my fiancee things that it won’t can anyone help.

p.s. Sorry for the bad grammar my mind is just all over the place at the moment

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A Catholic can marry a baptized non Catholic in the Catholic Church. The non Catholic does not have to convert.

There are some things that must happen during the premarital preparation, including permission from the bishop for mixed marriage. The priest preparing you for marriage would typically take care of that.

The two of you need to talk to the priest doing your marriage prep


Thank you for your reply I will tell my fiancee.

And you need to agree that any child born to this marriage would be raised in the Catholic Church by their mother.

Actually, this isn’t true.

The NC in the relationship does not need to make any such promises, rather that they know the Catholic is promising “to do the best they can” to raise the child Catholic.

that’s what I said.

and that obvious that if the parents want to raised their child each in a different denomination that would never work, so the knowledege of the non catholic part is equivalent to a consent that his children would be raised as Catholic.

I find you very defensive and aggresive with others posters when topics such as mixed marriage raised, or even on others topics.

You need to relax more.

Not really, you said we need to agree to… That’s different than being made known of. We could be playing the semantics game though and talking around each other.

I’ll give you the defensive (although I have no idea what was defensive or aggressive in said post above), specifically when misinformation or what I believe to be misleading information about non-Catholic beliefes or mixed-marriges is put out there, bit anywhere near aggressive. There are far…far…far more aggressive posters on here than I. Personally, I just don’t back down from them.

Eh…I’ll give it to you, IMHO that’s murky though.

Cool as a zucchini :wink:

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Condescend much?


Same difference really. The NC spouse needs to know that the Catholic must make a solemn promise to raise any children in the Catholic faith. If they disagree with that then it’s going to be very difficult to raise any children in the faith.

Agree to disagree, but that’s fine.

May be semantics again, but my wife had to promise “to do the best she could”.

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