Getting Married the day of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception


Hi friends!

I am getting married on Dec. 8th of this year and I really want to do something special during/before/or after the ceremony because it's a Marion Feast Day. I love our Blessed Mother so much, as I attribute my love for Jesus because of her.

I was thinking of having the ushers passes our holy cards along with programs before mass starts. I have some family members that are practicing Catholics, but the majority are fallen away Catholics. And I have been told a few times by my relatives that I can be a little too "extreme" with my faith [my fiance and I don't think so ;-) ] Anyway, I still want to do something, but don't want to seem too pushy.

I found a site: that makes holy cards. There are some very beautiful images of our Lady and for the prayers in the back I was thinking of maybe the first two lines of the Magnificant, a family or marriage prayer, our names and date

Oh and we are doing the flowers to Mary during the ceremony.

What do you guys think? Is that too pushy or too much? Any other ideas?


If either of you are of Polish descent, you can see if you can have the popular Polish Marian hymn “Serdeczne Matko” as one of the songs. The English translation of the hymn is known as “Stainless the Maiden”, so it would be apt for the feast day.


I think the holy cards are a wonderful idea. It’s your wedding and if you want to honor Mary in a special way I’d say you should do what you and your fiance want to do.




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I think the holy cards are a wonderful idea. It's your wedding and if you want to honor Mary in a special way I'd say you should do what you and your fiance want to do.


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I'll second that :thumbsup:

It is a very thoughtful memento at worst, a reminder of Mary's great love for us and her desire for us to be united with her Son, at best. It can be taken either way, without significant possibility of offense.


We got married 3 months ago and purchased cards from that site with our names, date and a "Prayer for Families" . We had them blessed, of course, and passed out at the ceremony and on the tables at the reception for those that didn't get one. It was a prayer everyone could use for us and for themselves. Everyone loved them and we've given them to others who didn't come to the wedding.

It must have been an efficacious prayer...our family is now one larger, with our first baby on the way!

By the way, they run specials if you are on their email list. We got ours half off!


December 8 is my favorite feast day! :D

The prayer cards are an amazing idea. Why not ask people to pray the prayer on the card at the end of the wedding or at the reception? That way everyone can pray to Mary that day :]

Praying for an amazing day you and your fiancee :]


Congratulations on your WEDDING! Also, that's my mother's birthday! We always got to go to Mass on Mom's birthday, which she always loved.

I second the motion of having a Prayer for Families on the back of the card. People can pray it for you or themselves - or both. It would not surprise me if someone would offer to pay for the cards as their wedding gift to you. Get a quote ready!

The reason I read your post (originally) was because one of my former students is getting married on that day, too. She was a student in my 3rd grade class. My, how time flies...

God bless you,
Sister MM


Thank you everyone for your comments and prayers! I love the idea of the prayer for families on the back of the card. I’m going to order soon, and you’re right Sister, some of my relatives have asked about how they can contribute to our celebration, albeit I was a little reluctant to take them up on their offer, I think this would be a perfect.


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