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I am Catholic and my wife is not. I went to confession last week and was told as long as my marriage is not blessed I am living in sin. So I asked my wife about getting our maarriage blessed. she said something like {don’t bother me with that religious stuff}. I then asked her about getting our son baptised and she responded similarly. So, I know I am living in sin. The only way out would be to go to confession every single week and confess the same sin and pray/hope that someday she will chaange her mind and if she won’t become catholic at least get our marriage blessed.
But as stated above, she, for some reason wants nothing to do with it probably becaus her parents practically forced the church of the nazareen religion down her throat her whole life. So any suggestions as to how I can resolve this issue? I know I cannot make or force her to get our marriage blessed and have our son baptised people cannot or should not be made or forced to do anything against their will. But I would like to receive communion once per week if possible when I am at mass. My wife and I are both blind but this isn’t really an issue of disability it’s an issue of belief versuss well someone not wanting toor her belief or nonbelief I guess? Not really sure but anyway it’s eiither go to confession and keepconfessing the same sin so to be able to receive communion, eitther that or wait until my two-year-old son gets older, maybe he will want to know why I go to church and will be more receptive to faith? One of my wife’s arguements iss that ourson should decide whether or not he wants to be baptised we shouldn’t decide for him. But wwe decide to take care of him, we take care of him for him; we feed him, we make him be responsible for whathe can be responsible for. So why not get him baptised? Maybe the reason why she doesn’t want him baptised is because she doesn’t fully understand what baptism is. And then she asks me questions and expects me to know everything or to give a satisfactory answer right away. I’m not an electronic encyclopedia able to remember every bit of information that I read. I have to look thingsup and re-read things then pass them on to her. So again any ideas here folks?

Josh Kennedy

make an appointment with your pastor outside confession, lay out all the facts of your marriage (including any previous marriage by each of you, baptismal status of you and your wife and whatever other questions he asks you). Explain that you have discussed this with your wife and her reaction. yes there is a solution for you, radical sanation is one, but not for everybody. your pastor will explain. no it will not necessarily be fast or easy, and there is a process to follow. personal individual advice on this forum would be pointless at best, so please see your pastor, continue attending Mass, daily prayer and frequent confession. Our prayers are with you.

for yourself, you may ask to sit in with the RCIA or adult confirmation class so you can learn more about the faith, in particular the teaching on baptism and matrimony, so you are better able to answer your wife’s questions and hand on the faith to your child. You probably have questions of your own as well and this could help. The coordinator will assign someone to assist you if necessary but at least in our class the blind (and we have had several blind candidates) have no problem following along. Your pastor can also direct you to someone in the diocesan office of catechesis or evangelization who can get you linked to audio resources and other aids.

some links from a recent workshop
Catechetical resources for the blind

Diocese of Fall River dept of catechetical resources
scroll down to relevant links for blind/low vision

Archdiocese of Detroit, link to resources

NCPD National Catholic Partnership on Disabily
many great links and resources here

but you should not have to find this stuff on your own, ask the pastor and the CCD-RCIA director to help you find what you need – participating in this way with the parish programs will also help you find strength you need in the community, and that will provide a doorway for your wife at her comfort level

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