Getting Over Yourself

I really dislike sinning.
I am so afraid being overly confident that I swing to the other extreme.
The sin I most feel guilty of judging others silently in my head.
Sin should never be tolerated.
Guess what - we are sinners.
I feel guilty even thinking bad thoughts about others.
I relive bad encounters numerous times.
I hate disappointing people.
I blame myself yet I do not take responsibility.
Most of the **** I feel SUPER BAD over are not that serious - my problems are petty.
I think about them so much I forget to eat, sleep, etc.
I have such high standards for myself and for others.
I forget to I do not live in the real world.
I think too much because I’d rather to that than feel
Or admit I honestly do feel jealous - jealousy is a sin
Or that I dislike someone
I think of how ideally I should react or be

Have you got a therapist?

Ref. that last line there, please be assured, incidentally, that growing in confidence in your memories is not thinking bad thoughts!

Split the difference - medium sized.

Thinking a lot is a great style to have, it’s up my street as well - we feel in our thinking. :slight_smile:

Yes. These obsessive thoughts aren’t good for you. Do you have a spiritual director?

I want to ask you, OP, in the nicest possible way - how do making these threads help you? Acknowledgment of problems is good, but if you aren’t doing anything about them and consiously working on them with a trained professional, it’s going to be hard for you to overcome them. You really need to find someone offline to talk to.


When my own mind is tired with overthinking and outside stresses I try and just give it over to Jesus. It helps so much because He knows my heart ,that I want to be good and sometimes my thinking can go in overdrive .

OP-- May you be filled with loving kindness. May you be well. May you be peaceful and at ease. May you be happy.

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