Getting Rid of the Internet?


Hi all,

Wondering if any of you have ever thought about getting rid of the internet or have done it as an experiment for a period of time. My DH and I are thinking about doing it because it is such a distraction… while there are wonderful resources on it (like the forums!) and quick convenient ways to get things done and get info, we find ourselves distracted with entertaining things on here instead of going out and doing more fulfilling things.

In general, we think life would just be better without it because it’s so easy to become a slave to the internet! We could both access it at work/school during the day if we really need it to pay bills or do work. Just wondering if anyone else has had a positive experience with this in their family, how it affected you all, or even a negative one!!

Or just thoughts if you’ve pondered doing so :slight_smile:


It’s very inconvenient, but can be done if you commit to it. My husband and have gone without t.v. or internet at home for a year and a half now.


One thing that you may need to consider…since you mention that you pay bills on the net, is that unless you have used your work computer to do so in the past it may not recognize you and you may have to call each company and reset it all.

That happened with us when one comp died and was replaced.


Don’t get rid of it, but if you see you are spending too much time with it - cut down your use. I couldn’t cut out the internet since I teach classes on line. However, I have cut back my use. I don’t use it on the weekends.


If you have access somewhere else, I would say get rid of it. It is not necessary, and it costs a lot of money. Use the extra money and donate it, or invest it. It is a luxury and it not necessary. (I am repeating myself) If you need quick and easy searches you can use your phone. Call 1-800-goog-411 (1-800-466-4411). It is Google search from your phone. Very cool, and I promise, I am in no way affiliated with Google.

Anyway, you will be suprised how much time you have and how many other things you can do when you get rid of it.



first of all, to answer your question…no I haven’t contemplated getting rid of internet. I need it for my job. But you have to remember not to ascribe moral value to the internet. It is a mode of communication, it is neither good nor evil, I know you didn’t do this but, I am just verifying… There are alot of good things and if you want them, you have to take the bad too… but you can always filter the bad out… At one point I restricted ds’s computer to no vowels in the webaddress just to mess with him (long story… suffice it to say I found searches for Pamela Anderson on his computer). You just need to make sure your filter is kept up to date.

I forgot to mention, good filters allow you to restrict your time online either by how long or what times you can be online.


I’ve wanted to do this for a long time as I’ve found that I USED to spend my free time reading books and theological magazines and now I spend the same time surfing the web(instant gratification in looking things up, ect.)- but we can’t get rid of it completlely as my husband’s job depends on us having the internet(he’s an owner operator trucker and we get our loads online) and The kids use it a lot for school related things. So I’m trying to bite the bullet and curb my use…

We didn’t have the internet at all until 3 years ago.


Please reconsider doing this.

Computers at work are for work related tasks. The PC, network, and bandwidth are provided by an employer to facilitate your professional duties. Not for entertainment, checking these forums, paying bills, or non-work related surfing.

Also, many businesses have varying security measures to enforce this, along with sexual discrimination concerns. Many times it is just filtering offensive web sites. Others log every site you visit. And there are some other businesses I’m aware of that monitor and log every keystroke you do.

Would you want some unknown ‘administrator’ knowing your bank accounts, passwords, balances, social security numbers, & who knows what else as you unknowingly pay your mortgage from your office?


At one point I decided to give up the internet as a lenten sacrafice when I was in high school. I basically just gave myself limitations. I could only check my email, and do whatever was necessary for school related work. It turned out pretty well, dificult, but rewarding. I finally started reading my textbooks :slight_smile: I say just limit it. My brother has a great rule he enforces with his kids. He calls it “Screen time.” They (Parents and children included) are only allowed a certain amount of “Screen time” (IE: TV, Videogames, Computer) per day. Most times its only an hour or an hour and a half, but they measure the time on an old oven timer and the kids repsond to it very well. Just a suggestion.
God Bless


I would not contemplate getting rid of the Internet, but I have contemplated pulling the plugs on the TVs.

As a starter, HBO and a host of channels go Monday morning. :thumbsup:


There are programs that will limit your time on-line… .might encourage good, efficient habits… THinking about adding that myself…

Made the kids give that up during the week during lent… What an improvement around here!


My dad pulled the plug on me for a month a few years ago. We aruge about it every month:rolleyes:. I have my own laptop. We don’t currently have a desktop computer because it died last year. I need the internet for school, especially this year because I am taking college History and English courses. My personal rule while i’m on vacation is that I don’t get on until after 8 pm, although a few times a week I’ll get on for a little while during the day.


I don’t have internet, a computer or cable but I manage alright. If you really need internet access for something like checking email you can always use the local library. Or Kinko’s usually has internet access for a small nominal fee. :thumbsup:


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