Getting scared God is not real

I’m getting scared, I believe God is real, I love him with all my heart… maybe it’s because I have plenty of atheist friends… but there is a voice saying ‘‘he is not real, just be an atheist, hell does not exist, god n’or the devil does either’’ it’s like some angry voice… ‘‘if you don’t be an atheist, good luck’’ then I heard an evil laugh. I am not crazy because I have never experienced this before. I need some protection, is this the devil??

Simply pray out the Holy Name of Jesus. Place all at His feet and proclaim your faith in Him.

The devil always shows up when you are turning to take big steps towards the Lord and enter into a more sanctifying life. I don’t mean that as a reflection on your present church affiliation.

But you may even be called in time to minister to people in the Lord.

The most oft spoken words of Our Lord in the Gospels is: “Do not be afraid!!!”

Every time something comes at you, just take a deep breath, relax and say the Holy Name of Jesus over and over until your balance and center returns.

It is through Jesus that this universe was created and even the devils in hell bend and prostrate when they hear His name spoken with faith and reverence.

We are living in difficult times and it is prayer that binds Satan. All of this is for humanity…that we are in Christ’s Hour of Mercy…and what follows in time will be a new era for Christianity and for all people who believe in God. This is just we are at the most difficult moments and it looks like darkness is making people think all sorts of thing…but it is like the darkest time comes right before the dawn.

Have faith and hope and peace…remember you in prayer this evening.

“Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.”

Many of us on here have gone through something similar. Do not fret, just always remember that God is real, and he loves you. Don’t give up on faith just because you’re feeling a little lost. Pray, go to mass, maybe spend some time with Christ in your Church, pray the Rosary… There are tons of things you can do to combat these feelings.

As for your atheist friends, if they aren’t willing to accept your belief, and deride you about it often, perhaps you should start looking elsewhere for friendship. I have some atheist friends, and we get into it occasionally, but for the most part they don’t bring it up and I don’t bring it up, and that works well. On of my closest friends is atheist, but If he were constantly berating me for being Catholic, I would cease calling him friend, because he obviously has no respect for me.

This sounds serious. Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but it seems best that you touch base with wise and holy people who can meet you one on one.
In the meantime, I will pray for healing and holiness.
Today happens to be a friend’s birthday. Could you pray for him? He is named after the prophet Hosea, who has is both tragic-heroic, but ultimately triumphant as God’s prophet of love.
Take care,

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6:14

We are to witness to unbelievers. But the bible warns about getting too involved with them. Many people think they will influence them. But it is usually the opposite.

Also, say the prayer of St. Michael

Are you in a position where you could make an appointment to talk with a Catholic priest about this and some of the other matters you’ve posted about re wanting to get away from New Age influences? It sounds like you are going through spiritual warfare and probably emotional turmoil as well. You need to not be trying to fight this big battle alone and without the help of good spiritual advice.

I’ll pray for you, okay? :slight_smile:

Sure, I will pray for him:)

ok and I will try:)

My dear friend, sometimes the dark side plants seeds of destruction in our soul hoping we bait, let me assure you, GOD IS REAL.
Ask Him for help, HE will not deny it to you. How could HE for HE loves you.

Ask Jesus and most important ask you mother in Heaven to interceede with Her SON.
I will pray for you.

I am living proof (in the here and now–not ancient times) that God IS alive, God DOES love and care for us, His children and…God STILL performs miracles!! I have just returned from a pilgimage to Medjugorje where, on my first full day there, God healed my ear that had been deaf for 30 years!! In 1983 I had my 3rd stroke (7 so far) and it totally caused my loss, total loss of hearing in the left ear. I am not crazy but not only myself but quite a few others DID see the sun spin (the Holy Eucharist covered most but not all of the sun) and while I stared for in excess of 20 minutes at the sun, God cured my deafness!! Praise be to Jesus!! I also experienced the strong fragrence of roses while we all prayed the rosary (I was not alone in this either, one other person experienced this) and my love and devotion to Our Lord increased at least 10,000 fold! I did not go over there seeking a miracle. Just some real time of one-on-one with my Lord and He Blessed me!!

I also hear at times, the devil telling me things and there are two ways to determine this: 1) is it negative words coming through? and 2) say Praise Be to Jesus and the devil will flee as he can not stand to hear those words. God is GOOD, God is REAL and yes, He does truly care about us. But remember, all in God’s time…and if it is His Will. Since I have been witnessing about my physical healing, Blessings upon Blessings have poured down on me. And I am not ashamed, afraid or too shy to let people know. Isn’t this what Jesus sent His apostles out to do, spread the good news to all nations??!

I think you already got some good advices, specially the one of looking for some spiritual help in the form of an spiritual director, but I just want to say something more. Gonna quote a friend of mine:

“The biggest achievement of the devil is to make the world believe he doesn’t exist”.

Wow, this story almost made me cry:) and thank you all, I didn’t know it is the devil that makes you believe God isn’t real!

God is absolutely real, and so is hell.

Here are two actions I recommend that will serve you well. First, make an appointment with your parish priest to discuss your fears and feelings. Do it tomorrow morning. Second, dump your atheist friends.

I don’t know about dumping my atheist friends but I will talk to a priest!

Everythingiscon, whoever told you to see a priest is right on correct. A spiritual advisor is very crucial when your going through this. It can be a deacon or a priest but he should be familiar with what your going through.

I know what your going through because I went through it even worse as you can see from my old posts here.

Your spiritual advisor could help you in determining if this is a spiritual attack, scrupulosity or a combo of both. He might recommend seeing a therapist (preferably a catholic one as I had), but even if it still scrupulosity Satan can still work through scrup.

And yes, Satan would love for us to believe that Gid isn’t real, because if he removes faith he knows we will be wide open for his attacks.
Think of your faith as an indestructible armor.

If you need to talk or anything just send me a pm.
Putting you on my prayers list
God bless you

Wow, that gave me Goosebumps,
Holy holy holy Lord God of Hosts heaven and earth are full of your glory
Glory be to the father, glory be to the son, glory be to the Holy Spirit
Amen :slight_smile:

I would suggest that you watch who you hangout with. I DO believe in helping non believers but getting too close to the ones that don’t show change becomes dangerous for your own soul.

In the name of the Father
And of the Son
And of the Holy Spirit

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host,
by the Divine Power of God,
cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

GOD Bless You

Time, space and matter were all created at the Big Bang. Therefore, it could not have had a material, spatial or temporal cause. Just one example of proof God exists.


Some food for thought.
Do you make decisions? How strong is this belief? Seem pretty basic, right? Well, if there wasn’t a soul, I am not sure how one could make decisions at all.
On atheism, the mind (you, your thoughts, desires, etc.) is a product of the brain. This means that all of your choices are directed by your physical brain. Here is the thing though, the brain send information from external stimuli using chemicals and neurons. At no point do these chemicals or neurons stop or think about where to go. They simply follow the path set for them in the brain. This means you have no choice where these chemicals and neuron firings end up. They could be a response to the external stimuli of seeing a match in your hand. If it was all random and not guided by choice, the chemicals and neurons in your body could just happen to make you jam a lit match in your eye. Mindless physical processes do not have your best intentions at heart, so it is a wonder why, without a soul, we simply are not sticking lit matches into our eyes, jumping off our roofs, and drinking rat poison. It is because we have a soul guiding these physical processes and allowing us to make choices w/ our free-will.

wow!! great answer :smiley: I also have another problem siblings!! I am scared when I die, it will be astral projection, I love The Day of Judgement and I want it just like that so I am scared…

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