Getting to Heaven.

If someone asked you: “How do you get to Heaven?”

What would be your response?

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I would treat others as I would like to be treated, irregardless of religion and status. I would look at Jesus as an example.

–Karina R.

As a Christian, there is no need to be ashamed or to lie about it. John 3:16 I would say is a good starting point. You can develop on it.

Hi Reuben :slight_smile:

Please pray that God gives me the courage and boldness to speak about Him to others! Thank you :slight_smile:

By the way, if it helps, I’m only asking the question because I’m curious to see everyones answers.

Hi Erric. I am encouraged by what you put on your religion. That’s the spirit and it begins there. We cannot share with others unless we are sufficiently convinced by our own faith and are proud of it.

Actually there is no strict and fast rule as to what to speak about God to others. It depends on the situation and the individual. I have seen my Evangelical friend and colleague; he is a Protestant btw, declaring Jesus in any situation to people he met. Though I admire that, I cringed every time for his indiscretion. I have the feeling that instead of making an impression, the people he addressed would likely went away with the feeling that he is simply an overly enthusiastic Christian.

So it depends on the situation. Sometimes you can have some articles with you to start a conversation or sometimes you can make a remark and start from there. Thus it is good to have a small Bible with you or other sacramental objects. We Catholics are really blessed to have these.

May the power of the Holy Spirit be with you and give you the courage and wisdom to be witness to our Lord Jesus.

God bless you Erric.


If asked that question I would have to say that the person needs to put faith in Christ, receive baptism, follow the commandments of God, stray from sin, and above all love.

1 - Be Baptised
2 - Be a Catholic
3 - Die without stain of Mortal Sin.

That’s what I tell non-Catholics and Catholics alike.

Pick up your cross and follow Jesus. Do what He commands, study the beatitudes, receive the Sacraments, and pray much.

Heaven ==> By GOD’s grace.
Short time in purgatory ==> Religious deeds.
Long time in purgatory ==> Secular deeds.

The justice of man-what God wants from us and for us -consists in coming to fulfill the greatest commandments, to love Him with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength and our neighbor as ourselves. This is the goal of our faith-and in this sin is excluded.

God’s grace alone by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.

I would say I get to heaven on the back of Jesus. Look at the Crucifix, look at the crossbeam, I am the Cross beam upon His back. Now picture a lost lamb being carried home on His back. That would be a good place to start a conversation on how and why Jesus bridged the gap for us between Heaven and Hell. How and why we get to Heaven.

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