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Hey all, I was just wondering something. In my Missal it said to get up as early as possible while still getting eight hours of sleep; if possible at the same time each day. Anyone know the Spiritual reasoning? Also, I was hoping some people could give me some tips on how to do that haha. I’m a morning person :coffeeread:, but sometimes I find it quite difficult to get my lazy rear out of bed and end up sleeping till noon :eek:. (Which I hate. I feel worse all day haha.) I work evenings and usually dont get home till 12:30 or so, but I would like to go to the 8 am Mass more often. Anyone have any insight, criticisms, or tips haha. It would be much appreciated :slight_smile:
God Bless!
Jake :signofcross:

I think it’s about living the virtue of order. I see you have a quote from St. Josemaria Escriva. Here’s another one: “Virtue without order? Strange virtue.”

But actually, Jake, I think the source of your trouble is your work schedule. If you don’t get home until 12:30, you probably need some time to settle down and relax before bed. By the time you get to bed and get 8 hours of sleep, it’s well past early Mass time. And that’s not your fault. Can you find a later daily Mass? You have to be realistic about your expectations of yourself.


LOL!:slight_smile: Take naps!?

God Bless you!:wink:

This is great advice. When I worked 2nd and 3rd shift, that is exactly what I did.
Even the Rule of St. Benedict makes this provision, for a siesta during the summer:
From Easter to the first of October, [the monks] will spend their mornings after Prime till about the forth hour at whatever work needs to be done. From the fourth hour until the time of Sext, they will devote themselves to eading. But after Sext and their meal, they may rest on their beds in complete silence; should a brother wish to read privately, let him do so, but without disturbing the others. (Ch 45)

When I worked 3rd shift, I split my sleep in two, three hours upon coming home and then again from 7pm to 10pm for work at midnight. This was mostly because weekends mean living daylight hours like most other people.

Does your parish have a later Mass? Mine only offers a noon Mass. A nearby parish has a 7am and 8:45am. I also lived in a small town for a long time. The only Mass that was offered was at 8am MWF.
What I did when I lived in the small town was wake up early, go for a morning run and then go to Mass, eat breakfast, go to sleep.
If I was working 3rd shift, I could go to Mass before sleeping. I lived less than a block for the church.
Being responsible for family members, and working second shift meant an early wake up even when working second shift. I knew that I could not make it physically through my shift if I did not take a two hour nap, like a kindergartner.

Ask God for the grace. :slight_smile:

I am in a similar position, so I can relate. I work nights and get home around midnight. Takes me sometimes 2 hours to fully unwind so that I can acftually sleep, so I don’t hop up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to attend Mass at 8am or so.

There is a chapel in town that has a 11am Mass that works for me. Is there a later Mass offered where you are?

It’s important to take care of yourself and your health and part of that is getting a good night’s rest, even if that means you end up ‘sleeping in.’ The Lord understands.

I remember reading of at least one order of religious that, in addition to the usual vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, took a fourth vow of ‘regularity’.

No, it doesn’t mean they were vowing to get enough fibre :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead it means they were committing to live their lives in as ordered a fashion as they could - if possible to go to sleep at the same time every day, wake up at the same time, have their meals at the same time and so on.

This is actually a form of mortification - you give up the pleasure of lazing in bed when you feel like it, or snacking in between meals or eating just whenever you darn well please, and so become less self-centred.

It always took me 2 hours to unwind after work. This put a strain on a marriage in which my husband needed to be up at 5am in order to go to his job and I wasn’t ready for sleep until 2am.

The Benedictines vows include stability. The Rule as written was meant to provide for the physical needs of the monks. Days are ordered for this purpose, as well as giving praise and worship to God.

My dear friend

Try the heroic minute. You must get up within 60 secs of waking up. It may help you if you want this. Pray for help to do it. Have a ciesta after lunch if you need more sleep later perhaps. Whatever suits you.

May God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

My husband was a light sleeper. He could not get back to sleep until I joined him. This meant he wasn’t getting the rest he needed.

Thank you everyone for all the responses! Unfortunately my Parish only offers daily Mass and 6:45 and 8. (It’s part of a Benedictine Monastery), so they are up early :). But thank you everyone. A Parish in town offers Mass and 12:10, but its a bit further away. My Parish is literally 1 minute away, minus the time I take to back out of the garage. You can almost see the bell towers from my home.

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