Getting your spouse to watch your tv shows

***I admit, I like reality tv…I watch pretty silly tv shows, actually.

My faves are:

  1. the Jewelry Channel
  2. The Real Housewives (my kids watch this with me…my son thinks it is completely idiotic, but he watches it…lol)
  3. Millionaire Matchmaker

I have others, but I watch these from time to time.

So, my husband is done watching hockey last night, gets into bed with me to see what I’m watching, and Millionaire Matchmaker is on…he was like…what in the world is this? I told him…it’s basically about a woman who owns a matchmaking service in L.A., who only matches women up with millionaire men. It’s terribly sexist…the woman really has a lot to learn about love…but I watch it…It is a sad commentary also about what women will do to marry a man with money- the vast majority don’t even care what he’s about. Sad! So, if you go into it, knowing these things about it, you will not be offended.

My husband was working on our laptop in bed…and I looked over, and he was watching the show…:p:D He said…‘these men are jerks!’ He said…‘sharon…so you have stopped watching the news for THIS?’ :o I don’t completely not watch news, but it isn’t what I want to hear, so…

So…I thought I’d post a thread to see if you and your spouse have opposite tastes in tv, and do you sit with your spouse through their silly or boring shows?

My husband’s shows are O’Reilly (24/7 if Fox ran it like that), sports, and any and all things dealing with UFO sightings. :ehh: I asked him the other day, if he IS an alien, and misses his homeland. hahaha :smiley: He is also into military shows and war stories. :yawn:

Anyways…what is it like at your house??? :)***

WE watch “House”, “24” and TLC

I watch “Survivor” “Rescue Me”, “Southland”

HE watches “Breaking Bad”, the Speed channel

We are eclectic TV watchers


We both watch 24 and CSI.

My husband likes to watch some of the Fox News programs and he also likes to watch re-runs of sitcoms like Seinfeld, Everyone Loves Raymond, Friends, and That Seventies Show. Those last two make me crazy.

I, on the other hand, lam a true Nerd and rather geeky to boot. I like to watch SciFi type shows. I’ll watch re-runs of the Stargate series, the X-files, the Star Trek series. I’m now into Sanctuary and I love Doctor Who. (I’d watch *Fringe *but I’m afraid to get hooked on a new show. I like to watch a lot of shows on National Geographic and I like to watch some of those true life crime shows. I like to watch some of the specials on the Weather Channel. My latest show of interest is Burn Notice.

Even though we are not huge fans of each other’s shows we generally watch them.

I like the Dog Whisperer but my husband always wants me to change the channel. He says I’ve learned too many techniques that I now use on him. :stuck_out_tongue:


I tend to like Lost, Terminator, House, 18 Kids and Counting, Biggest Loser, and Dollhouse. When my boyfriend comes over he likes to watch Cops, Man vs Wild, Scariest Chases. Normally I let him watch what he wants to as he doesn’t have television at his place (just Netflix), but if I’m really not liking what he’s watching we’ll either find some type of documentary (Military, Science, History Channel) that we’re both interested in or we’ll flip back and forth between what each of us is watching until someone gives in.

My wife likes makeover shows which she gets mad at because she thinks they are mean to the girls they are “redoing”; another show where they throw out all your stuff and remodel your house; she loves Dog the Bounty Hunter (pure white trash IMO) and some show on Discovery that follows women thru their pregnancy all the way to delivery*. She also watches a lot of news shows like Nancy Grace and gets wound up in cases like Caylee Anthony.

I have learned to keep my mouth shut (something your hubby should have learnt by now). She likes shows that make her mad – I think she was watching Millionaire Matchmaker for awhile and hated the women for being gold diggers.

My shows: any L&O, World’s Dumbest, History Channel, Mythbusters [ka-boom!], Kings [please don’t cancel], C-SPAN’s Book TV, movies.

*I made the mistake of noting how ugly the little buggers are when they come out & a cold front moved in.

***I watch the Bounty Hunter, too…hahahaha That’s funny. Now, that’s if I’m just flipping the channels, I don’t tivo it or anything. :ehh: My husband thinks it’s pretty strange. DOG desperately needs a makeover…someone should tell him. :o

I really like that show The Real Housewives, tell your wife about that show, she’ll be hooked. :smiley: I also watch Nancy Grace and that delivery show sometimes on discovery…your wife and I need to talk. :popcorn:***

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