GF in hospital


Hi folks, I’d like to submit a prayer request for my girlfriend who was admitted to the psychiatric unit of a nearby hospital. She’s had MH issues for most of her life (depression and whatnot) and today it just hit her very hard (to the point of wanting to harm herself) so she checked in to the hospital.

Please pray for Cathy that she will return to seeing the beauty of God’s creation and return from her state of depression so she can return to feeling God’s love for her and return that love as best she can.



My prayers for Cathy, especially to St Dymphna, patron saint of those with nervous or emotional disorders.




Praying for her.


Prayers for Cathy and her peace of mind and heart. May her medical team be guided by God’s love and compassion. Prayers too for her family and friends who are dealing with this difficult time.


I will pray for her when I say myu night prayers



I will pray for Kathy.


Praying for Cathy. :gopray2:


I’m praying for her!


Cathy is in my prayers!


Praying for her and a friend who cares enough to ask for prayers for her


:gopray: :gopray: :gopray:


Thank you all very much for your prayers. I’m Cathy. Just got out of the hospital yesterday. Feeling much better but not 100% yet. Having to take off work for awhile to adjust to meds and such. Thanks again.


I pray that she might find in herself peace and healing, and that God grant her the comfort she needs.






:knight1: **Praying for Cathy **:amen:


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