Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files

I like watching these shows but wondered if it’s a sin to watch them? For those who aren’t familiar with them, they investigate “haunted” locations, trying to converse with ghosts.
I’ve only seen one or two episodes where they’d done a seance.
I’ve only seen parts of The Dead Files but I do liike watching Ghost Adventures


Almost certainly not, IMNAAHO. These shows are very often staged, as the afterlife, and those therein, are not at our command.

But though not a sin per se, it is probably time wastage or mind rot, or both.



I own one ghost hunting show episode from iTunes, and only because they investigate the ‘ghosts’ at Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado and my mom and I and a niece of mine had gone on a ghost and history tour there. Very interesting - now I know that some ghosts might be souls that are in purgatory, and some are more likely demons…but what was it that scared Jim Carrey away from his guest room at the Stanley while staying there while filming Dumb and Dumber? :wink: He stayed in the same room that Stephen King wrote The Shining in.

As long as you don’t start to believe the ghost stuff is real (especially if they use psychics and stuff) I think it could be watched for entertainment. But then…I don’t watch those shows except for the one episode.

Of all the ghost hunting shows I’ve seen, “Ghost Adventures” actually terrified me (same with “A Haunting” on Discovery). It really depends on how strongly you believe in the validity of the “evidence” they uncover, but the seances are sketchy (any priest would warn against dabbling too much in the occult). I don’t think that it would be a sin to watch it, but my recommendation is to not watch it, or at least have your Rosary handy while watching it; better yet, pray the Rosary in place of watching it.

Watching these “Haunting/Ghost” shows on TV are no more sinful than listening to ghost stories whilst sitting around a camp fire. The only sin there could be is if you actually believed any of this is true!
However if any of you want to get a good case of the creeps and have an icy chill go down your spine, I suggest that you visit the Civil War Battlefields at Sharpsburg, Md. (Antietam for you Yankees) or the site of the Battle of Malvern Hill, near Richmond, VA. Both places are pretty much the same as when the battles were fought. The only difference is that the roads are paved. When you realize the carnage that took place at these sites, you will be moved to prayer for the souls of the dead from both sides.

Sin? It depend on how deep you get in to that stuff. I would be a bit careful and maybe think twice. We all know that the net is full of “ghost pics” and so on, some very well made though, but not really convincing. I mean, who would take a picture of a stairwell and then when developing the photo see a ghost? Yet I think you, and all others, will stay a way because even if it is not a sin it does not mean it is OK. (IMHO)

And I remember from my childhood that I once saw a “ghost photo” in the evening paper, front page BTW, and was so scared I could not sleep for a couple of nights. Personally, I stay away from those things and so should we all. And to the big question: are there ghosts? - let us say that everything is possible. And to all parents, please take all measures to prevent your kids from getting access to any of those web-sites. It can scar someone really bad. And finally, The Church does not approve any “black magic and so on”.


I watch Ghost Adventures and my issue with Zach (the head GAC guy) is that he sees demonic activity in everything. He frequently digs up these “exorcists” to do cleansings and he refers to them as Catholic priests, but I suspect that their churches are not in communion with Rome (not judging them, but this is just my guess).

IMO, if there is paranormal activity somewhere, I think it’s just souls who haven’t “crossed over,” as they say, and not demonic possessions.

I dont think watching any of these shows is remotely close to being a sin. I am a huge fan of Ghost Adventures, but the show tends to exaggerate a lot. I think the places they investigate are legitimately “haunted”, but the amount of activity is always overwhelming which is why I think a lot of it is staged.

Zak sounds so fake during his voice overs.

I’ve never heard of “The Dead Files” but I have heard of and watched “Ghost Adventures”, “Ghost Hunters”, and “School Spirits” and other t.v. shows about “Ghosts”

Like most of the people already stated, most if not all of these shows are faked or staged.

I also don’t like how they seem to get possessed and than exorcised in just one episode. In all serious this is not how it works so I Pray people who watch these shows are not naïve

There is also one episode where a man speaks to his deceased daughter. How did this man really know it was his daughter and not a demon pretending to be her?

I watch these shows for entertainment and if anything these shows encourage me to Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

God bless,


One of those shows did a segment on a house that is near me, so I looked into it, and as I suspected it is entirely a money making scheme. The house has a website for “paranormal tours”. The people who bought it did so when it was in a state of disrepair, and they could not afford to fully renovate it, and ended up in a situation in which they must fix the house or have it torn down. So the people pretending to be too scared to stay in the house on the TV show actually run a business of showing people through the house.

To me those shows are too fake to be entertaining. Bear in mind the main reason we have been given “reality shows” by the networks is that they are cheap to produce. Reality shows are the epitome of junk TV.

Interesting and I’ll keep that in mind.

Now, that it is summer most of these shows are re-runs so truth be told I don’t watch much TV anymore. Furthermore, I should put my time to better use like reading instead of rotting my brain with this type of “realistic” junk.

Like, I said the only thing “good” out of these types of shows is that they encourage and remind me to Pray for the forgotten souls in Purgatory.

But, then again a TV show such as “Ghost Adventures” does not encourage or remind me to Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory alone I do my best to Pray for them all the time.

I also wonder are ghosts scared of the light? :shrug: :rotfl:

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