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How bad is the problem of ghost authors, writiers in the christian fiction market?

Anyone did any research?

How about the left behind series?


The left behind ghost writer



NOW you tell me… after I just dropped twenty-five bucks on Jerry Jenkins’ book “Writing for the Soul”.

Here’s blurb from Max Lucado: “Few can write about writing like Jerry Jenkins. Any person interested in the high privilege of writing for the soul will delight in and profit from reading this valued work.”

So I wonder who wrote his book on writing?


Lets hope it was at least an English teacher. smile


I’m on chapter three of “Writing for the Soul” and he (Jerry B. Jenkins) has talked of ghost writing: that he himself has done it five times and will never do it again and that he lobbied for years to have Chris Fabry given the credit for having written *Left Behind: The Kids *books six through forty.

He says “The writer deserves credit, and the reader deserves to know who did the writing.” He also adds: “Ghostwriting is common in publishing, especially in the inspirational market.”

I find that less than inspiring!

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