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What is the Church’s teaching on ghost hunters and mediums that claim to see and communicate with the dead. Is it a sin to believe this or to watch these popular TV shows such as The Dead Files, Paranormal Witness, or Ghost Hunters?

Have you ever noticed they dont go somewhere and say “In the name of Jesus Christ?” These shows are just a bunch of bull. As far as the Church, we are not supposed to partake in mediums and healers and such.

Such things expose the soul to evil and possession by evil. The Church has exorcists for a reason, and unfortunately many a soul has had to been exorcised because of people trying to use magic, communicate with evil spirits.

Watching these show may fill up the imagination with bad stuff, and in the dark of night that is just more ammo for temptation and fear to take root.

ghosts aren’t real. the soul only goes to three places immediately after death; heaven hell or purgatory. the soul can not leave either of these places except purgatory, but even then they go to heaven. they cannot come back to earth and haunt the living or help them like casper the friendly ghost. people from heaven can visit people on earth to help them or create a new devotion, like in apparitions of the Blessed Mother or some saint (which is very rare) but this only happens to a few people who are vey holy like st padre pio. but we cant “communicate with the other world” or call upon the dead. as the other two posters have said, this deals with the occult and is evil. it opens you up to possession. now ghost hunters is a different story. that’s just a stupid show trying to gain attention in a terrible way. (terrible meaning cheesy and ****** in this situation)

I beg to differ friend. I have seen many ghosts in my time. I have also seen demons too. Now it could be that both are the same. But its hard to say yes or no. Because ive seen my grandfather after he died (a year later) and it was quite pleasent. He came to see his great grandkids (because I never had any money to go see him) and he said he can always see them now. We talked and then he left. This is just one of my encounters but ive also had bad ones too.

The Church does not hold this position. With our limited understanding of purgatory who is to say that some of it does not involve time on earth. There are many accounts of souls in purgatory appearing to the living and asking for prayer. St. Padre Pio had the “ghost” of the monk who formerly lived in his room appear to him and ask for sacrifices to be made so he could leave purgatory. I do agree that shows like Ghost Hunters are mostly dog and pony shows. If they do encounter anything it is more than likely evil and they are putting themselves at grave risk of things they cannot hope to understand.

To the OP, don’t waste your time watching filth like that. It does no spiritual good and leads people into dabbling in the occult. Not saying that you would but there are many others who will.

I used to watch shows like that all the time until I realized how goofy they really looked. It was always the same thing in every episode, the same routines, the same everything just in a different location. I watched some paranormal shows where the hosts were taunting the spirits to show themselves or even to hurt one of them to prove that they existed. So dumb and IF any of it is real, dangerous, too! I don’t know if it’s a sin to watch them for entertainment value (probably not the best thing to watch but there isn’t much on television that we watch that IS valuable entertainment, LOL) but I wouldn’t waste a lot of time on it.

Ghost Hunters show is nothing but a poorly produced low budget paranormal reality base TV entertainment for people preoccupied with boredom.

Yeah! I used to watch it and some of its cousin spin-off shows like Destination Truth.:blush:

Good Gosh; I don’t know which is worse in comparison with the likes being in the vicinity of Blair Witch and/or National Enquirer.
This kind of rubbish fits well near the rusty wreaking garbage bin.
Just my :twocents: duly noted.

Oh, I don’t know. These guys seem sincere and appear to sincerely try to debunk reports of paranormal hauntings.

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