Ghost ship carrying cannibal rats could be heading for Britain


A deserted cruise liner which is believed to have been drifting around the North Atlantic for a year carrying nothing but hordes of rats could be heading for British shores, it has been claimed

An ocean liner believed to be headed toward Scotland might be infested with rats that have turned on one another.


As far as I know, Britain has not run out of torpedoes.


Sounds like the plot to a bad horror movie. Rat Ship.


Can we hope that there are also zombies? That would make it a perfect story for the British tabloids.


Or it could be “Rats on a Ship”, the sequel to “Snakes on a Plane”. :stuck_out_tongue:

At first I thought the thread must be linking to an article on The Onion.


Wow. That wins the “Most Intriguing” title award.

Maybe if they’re cannibal rats, there won’t be any more left of them by the time the ship reaches shore…



I wonder who would win in a fight between a horde of cannibal rats and zombies?


Well, if they just eat rats then it isn’t actually that bad.


Wait a minute! What happened to the passengers? Oh,


That’s what I was thinking.


You guessed it. The rats ate them. But that’s where the zombies come in. They, being the formerly living passengers, arise and eat the rats. The rats then zombie-ize and eat the zombies. And so on. It’s one of those “circle of life” things.


How about “ZOMBIE RATS”? Maybe they’re aliens, too? “Alien Zombie Rats Invade Britain”? I like the sound of that.

I think the Royal Navy could easily solve this problem at minimal cost with a single torpedo as you suggested. No fuss, no muss, no more alien zombie rats. In fact, I think launching a torpedo might only take a few minutes, if that.


My first thought is that the article came from that dependable UK newspaper, the Daily Mail.

The Telegraph, which actually ran the story, sometimes are a re-write of what British tabloids publish. In this case, the Telegraph based their article on a story which ran in the venerable UK newspaper called The Sun

The illustration which accompanies the story in The Sun is worth a look. But the headline is pretty clever, too, and fits the illustration. :slight_smile:


Three Skeleton Key.
Look it up.


Well the question is whether the effort and expense (and it would be expensive) involved in using a torpedo would be proportionate to any risks the floating rat hotel might pose.


Hey, wait a minute.
Maybe the guy who started this thread:
has found his answer.


I don’t know how expensive torpedoes are nowadays; but I think when weighed against the cost of potentially exposing the Britain to a ship full of rats… it might be worth it. After all, the rats might be carrying disease. Or be zombies.

  1. Canadien’s* are *nuts. But why would they tow a ship to sea and cut her loose? She would become a hazard to navigation right?

  2. This would be a very interesting experiment. Can the rats produce enough young to feed themselves? Or, would they finally eat themselves out of existence?

  3. Why didn’t they just haul it up to the ship yards in Halifax?

  4. Whats this obsession with zombies?


Does it really take a torpedo to scuttle the ship?


My uncle once made a lamp from a torpedo shell…

I say bomb the rats to smithereens Assuming this is a true story. :ehh:

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