Ghost/spirit In Church?


Hello everyone,
I hope this is the right place for this , more than twenty years ago I had a meeting with a priest in his house.
Afterwards I went into the church next door for a quiet time of prayer.
As i sat quietly there,all alone,(the Priest said no one was there!) I became aware of a presence in the altar area,I could “see” someone walking from left to right.I followed "It"with my eyes but could see nothing,by then I was getting a little nervous and stood up slowly and made a hasty but (I hope!) dignified exit and made my way home.I never mentioned this to the Priest or anybody as they might have not believed me and I would have felt stupid.But I know I “saw” something but what could it have been? a former Priest or parishioner perhaps?I suppose I will never know but I have never forgotten it.
God Bless, Mick.
Nottingham, U.K.


It happens probably more often than is reported. You may have a charisma for seeing the poor souls in purgatory that are given time here on earth to do certain acts of contrition and penance. Certain saints have revealed to us in private revelation that especially on certain feast days some souls in purgatory are permitted to pray before the altar as part of their reparation and even are seen at times to kneel in the pews. They don’t really appear as apparitions but as regular people - perhaps out of historical period though.

So its not really a “ghost” per say - at least in the sense that Hollywood portrays them or that horror story writers depict. But they are real suffering souls - if that is what you saw. These things really should not be a cause for alarm since they are literally brothers in Christ and need us to pray for them. They sometimes will give us information meant to help us help them and to strengthen our faith or improve our lives. Some of the saints have had such suffering holy souls come into their rooms at home and had open conversations. Some are quite hilarious too - one asking them to please leave them alone and not disturb their sleep as if it was a rude roommate.

On one occasion on visiting a grave-site and praying for a departed loved one I thought I heard a sudden moan from a nearby grave. I was not in the least alarmed since I am very cognizant that purgatory is very real and the souls there are our friends and need us. It was not a spiritually frightening sound - more like a sound of distress that impressed me inwardly that it had a need for help. So I immediately prayed for any soul in purgatory who was interned in proximity to the grave site I was at. I only heard it once so the prayers may have helped relieve that soul or progressed it to heaven - or it was something else entirely.

I would not be too concerned - but pray to God that St. Michael deliver that soul to heaven. You might want to offer up a mass for the poor souls and in particular any that you may have seen and are in need of help.



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