Ghosts and Demons

I don’t think it makes sense to believe in ghosts as people in purgatory. Ghosts usually scare people, and appear to anyone in a certain place. Purgatory souls wouldn’t try to scare people and would most probably appear as a private revelation. So, i believe “public” ghosts (i.e. normal ghosts) are demons.


My experience is that ghosts do not scare people, or at least intend to. From what I can tell, most ghost appearances are rather incidental, I am not sure what allows someone to catch a glimpse of one. But that is all there is.

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And how would a mute apparition tell a person that they should pray for him/her?

I believe ghosts ever communicating with humans is very rare. I doubt seriously if one who is a soul from purgatory ever does. The only time it makes sense if it’s a saint from heaven whom God allows to appear and communicate for a particular purpose (if that ever happens)

Not “Ghosts”

God has allowed souls from purgatory to personally ask a given person for help.


a sacristan died and went to purgatory for not honoring the altar. He was allowed by God, to ask Padre Pio to say a mass for him so he could go to heaven. The man said he died at the friary Padre Pio was in, 70 yrs prior. Padre Pio validated it by looking up the person’s name. So he said mass for him. Fr Alessio who took care of Padre Pio in his last years, told me that story in Nov 1999 at San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. Fr Alessio died 2 months later.



demon attacks can happen even when one is NOT giving permission. Padre Pio was constantly attacked, physically by dermons. They would throw him around his very small room.

For some extra reading

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What is a ghost supposed to look like? I can assure you a demon can change shape and form.


I stated in my first post that I am not talking about private revelations. The typical ghost sight can involve just a group of atheist teens. It’s different to a private vision to a catholic.

Elijah never died he and Enoch will die in the future and be resurrected as foretold in the Book Of Revelation.

Moses was a disembodied spirit though.

There are thousands of ghost stories on the internet, they can’t all be fake.

Good point.

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And I said that the true ones are about demons.

Perhaps, I think for us to see any spirit, they have to be able to physically manifest themselves in our material world. My gut feel is that demons do not have this power

What about the argument over Moses’ body between Satan and the angel Michael? Perhaps his appearance at the Transfiguration lets us know who won.

I’m not a theologian but I do have to wonder if this was a Biblical way of speaking about a person’s last moments.

We know that people that are about to die are always tempted by the devil to get them I want to send, never repent, or to despair.

We also know that Archangel Michael is the Angel of Death and is the angel that defend souls and takes them to the judgement seat.

Plus we know the Israelites obtained and kept the body of Moses since they offered up 30 days of prayer.

That’s a good possibility you are correct.

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The Phrase, “I Ain’t afraid of No Ghosts!”, is a double negative, which means that the person saying it, IS claiming to be afraid of Ghosts, for they stated that they are not afraid of no Ghosts (or 0 ghosts).

This would also include of being afraid of the “Holy Ghost”.

1st part of the statement is accurate, the 2nd part is inaccurate.

Elijah never died, this is true, as seen in these verses: 2 Kings 2:1-23. Enoch, according to the Bible, also never died, and cannot now die, having been translated to Heaven, as seen in these verses: Genesis 5:24; Hebrews 11:5.

Revelation does not mention “Enoch”, by name, even once.

If you refer to the “two witnesses” of Revelation 11, those are not living persons as may be studied in context, but are symbols for something greater.

This is not correct. Moses was resurrected in the OT, by God, who had buried him.

The relevant verses:

Matthew 16:28, 17:1-12; Mark 9:1-13; Luke 9:27-36; John 11:25; 2 Peter 1:16-18; Romans 5:14; Jude 1:9

This is why the text of Romans says:

Rom 5:14 DRB But death reigned from Adam unto Moses, even over them also who have not sinned, after the similitude of the transgression of Adam, who is a figure of him who was to come.

It says, “death reigned from Adam unto Moses”, because Moses was the first one resurrected permanently, and we see him in the NT, upon the mount of transfiguration, “in glory” (having been glorified):

Luk 9:30 And, behold, there talked with him two men, which were Moses and Elias:

Luk 9:31 Who appeared in glory (Gr. “δοξηG1391 N-DSF”), and spake of his decease which he should accomplish at Jerusalem.

In Jude, we see God sending His Highest Messenger to refute the devils claim to the “body” of Moses, for the devil claimed Moses as his prisoner for his sin in the OT. Yet, Moses had repented, and God knew this.

Moses is very much resurrected, alive, and in Heaven with Jesus right now. We can even see rejoicing in Heaven by those select persons, and angels at the time of Jesus’ death at Calvary.

Rev 12:12 “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. …”

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Not so.


Deu 34:5 DRB And Moses the servant of the Lord died there, in the land of Moab, by the commandment of the Lord:

Deu 34:6 DRB And he (the Lord) buried him (Moses) in the valley of the land of Moab over against Phogor: and no man hath known of his sepulchre until this present day.

God Himself buried his servant Moses. Only He knew where Moses was buried, and so in the NT, we see a glimpse of the OT events that led to the resurrection of Moses, when God the Father sent His Highest Messenger to retrieve Moses to life, and to rebuke the devil, who claimed Moses as prisoner in death.

Jud 1:9 DRB When Michael the archangel, disputing with the devil, contended about the body of Moses, he durst not bring against him the judgment of railing speech, but said: The Lord command thee.

And so we see Moses, very much alive again in the NT, in “glory” (Luk. 9:30-31).

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Very informative I was always led to believe that the Holy Theotokos was the first Saint to be resurrected prior to the major resurrection.

That makes a lot of sense.

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