Ghosts and Demons

Dear if God is a good thing.

I think gramtically it’s not a double negative because yheword no is an adjective for ghosts, so he is saying he is not afraid of zero ghosts?


They can possess a human and therefore take on a physical nature.

Yes, but then their physical nature is the humans body. That is not the physical manifestation I am referring to.

Do you wonder how it is they can be seen at times, it is beyond science and human comprehension. You can’t see wind, yet it is there and can be felt, but yet we wouldn’t consider wind a physical object. Same can be said about a magnetic force, you can put your hand right in the middle of it and not be able to grab it, yet it is there. And these demons, they can and do leave marks on people. They are purely spritual but somehow or another they can have the ability to have a physical nature, albeit not one we understand. How, I do not know, I doubt anyone knows because science can not measure or put under a microscope anything from a spiritual realm.

How is it they can move objects. How was it able to hold my wife down. How were we able to see it change shapes. How could we feel it pass through us and how was it able to completely blank me out as though I was out of space and time? How can it whistle or say my wife’s name over and over. I guess from real time experience I know they are pure spirit but somehow or another they can defy the laws of nature. I guess in a way it is like the transfiguration of Jesus, He was there physically yet He wasn’t. He did the opposite by going from physical to transfigured. And you would think a physical nature would be needed to generate sounds, yet the Apostles could hear them conversing. All I know is that it blows my mind.


I give all of that to God because my tiny little mind can’t even begin to imagine what’s possible. I am not equipped to deal with all of that.


I read from private revelations that there were angels who were undecided, but at the last moment decided to go with God and not the devil.But God still had to punish them,they are on earth until the end of the world. Their sole purpose is to help man, and they can take the form of any human or animal.

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