Ghosts and Phantoms


I have seen a ghost, least what I think was a ghost.

It was small, 3-dimensional but not very wide relative to its width and length about 2-3 foot across the widest point, roundish, no discernable shape that I could recognise, possessed no colour except a subtle grey, semi-transparent and moved at an incredible speed.

It was not sinister nor felt bad. There was a depressive heavy atmosphere though.

I only ever saw it four times and always in the same house in exactly the same spot at approximately the same time.

The house where I saw it, the owner was a very negative person who suffered from depression. They were so negative they created an atmosphere which was cold and tangible. I found it disturbing and told them they ‘were haunting and please stop it’, which they did. I had experienced this on a number of occasions. Each time I told them they were haunting, they were able to stop it and the negative atmosphere immediately lifted.

The person concerned was not a bad person [though others thought so], they just needed to be loved and understood.

The person was very caustic, argumentative, offensive, aggressive and violent. I was ‘told’ to keep away, but ignoring the advice, went around, did as much good to help them as I could, proved I had no ulterior motive except to help them and eventually they accepted me. Today that same person has changed beyond all recognition, though sadly their family still refuse to have anything to do with them!

These experiences have convinced me that ‘ghosts’ are actually not spirit but emotion and that they are the product not of the dead but of the living.

The home could not have been evil since Christ performed a healing there, through His unworthy servant, of a very sick child and distraught mother [daughter and grandchild of the person above]. Surely such a healing would not have taken place it there was anything evil around?

I have been praying for that person daily for the past 6 years and they are now ‘on their way to Rome’. They have started to go to mass weekly but take the daughter and grand- daughter too. I have never suggested they do that and they have done so, entirely of their OWN volition, so think my prayers have been answered.

I am interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this. What the circumstances were.


I and my family have had strange experiences. I’d rather not discuss them in detail though.


My wife when she was young played with a quigi board with a friend. She ten says she felt her bed shake violently in the mild of the night. She has never experienced anything like that again. She is very fearful about even bringing it up because she says that anytime she has even though about ti she feels something evil by her. I have tried to tell her that God will not let anything happen to her unless he wants to teach her something. Like Job. She finds comfort in this but I still see that I bothers her a lot. In my parents house when I was younger, my sister and my cousin say they hear foot steps by our bed room door and that one time my cousin was sleeping in my room while I was at college he Heard the doorknob move loudly like some one was tring to get in. I myself have never heard anything like that. I believe that these episodes where from Satan. I don’t fear it though because God is watching me. If anything like that does happen I know that God wanted it to happen and that unless God wants something to happen to me, Satan can not touch me. I pray for anyone who is troubled by this but you have to remember that God Is watching over you and he wants to teach you something. Remember, God will not send you anything that you can not handle but he will send you things that you may not like. God Bless.


I don’t have this experience, but it is great to know that the family is going to the Church.:thumbsup:


I personally believe that most manifestations come from demons - since “it is given for man to die once, then judgement”. I doubt that the punishment would be to ‘haunt’ us here, as that only leads to confusion, and God is not the author of confusion - Satan is.

Also, just because there is no ‘feeling of darkness’ present - doesn’t mean it is not an evil presence, since Satan can appear as an angel of light…I guess that would have to include the ‘feelings’ side of the encounter.

The rest of the manifestations could be emotional - that has been shown numerous times to be a possible - if not definitive answer.

I will try and find sources for this…I don’t have them at hand at the moment.




I personally believe that most manifestations come from demons

But surely there would have been some other manifestation if it had been demonic?

There was nothing purturbing about it. I was only surprised by its novelty and by that I mean that it was so unusual, not what one expects to see. When you see something outside from ‘normal’ phenomena, it doesn’t scare you, it just strikes one as ‘odd’. One is left very bewildered by it.

An exorcist acqaintance told me once that 'you know when you see a demonic apparition. There are factors which can be perceived by the senses, it is not all ‘spiritual’. There are other factors [which I will not describe here], which were not present in any shape or form, which convinces me

I am convinced it was emotional not spiritual. If that is the case, it proves that ghosts are a product of the living, are not spirit at all


I personally believe that most manifestations come from demons

That may be true but I had no reason to believe that was the case. There was nothing sinister or perturbing about it except for the fact that when one sees something ‘novel’ by that I mean something outside ‘normal’ phenomena, it isn’t scary, just bewildering.

An excorsist acqaintance once told me that 'you know if it is demonic because it is perceivable by the senses, in addition to the spirit. He also described other characteristics which were not present here.

Which leaves me to believe that such phenomena are emotional in origin not spirit, not products of the dead but of the living.


I personally believe that most manifestations come from demons

I hear what you say but an exorcist acquaintance once told me that ‘you know when a phenomena is demonic as it can be perceived by the senses in addition to the spirit’. There was nothing that could be perceived by the senses except that one could see it!

Apart from that, it was not macarbre, or disturbing. It was unsettling only because it was outside from the realm of one’s experience. It was not ‘normal’ phenomena.

But there was a very depressive atmosphere, which leads me to believe it was emotional not spiritual in origin

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