Giant banner of Vladimir Putin hung from New York bridge


New York City police are investigating after a giant banner featuring a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin was hung from the Manhattan Bridge on Thursday.

The banner showed a picture of President Putin in front of a Russian flag with the word “Peacemaker”.

Police were called at 2.45pm on Thursday and removed it around 30 minutes later.


Funny, it doesn’t look so big on the second, wide angle shot! The thing of it is, the police are looking for whoever hung it there probably for safety or permitting concerns, in Russia a similiar act with an American leader would be treason. Free speech is a wonderdul thing.


It wasn’t me, I live near Chicago and haven’t even visited in NYC in two decades :smiley:


“Mission Accomplished” :stuck_out_tongue:



Nobody saw you; can’t prove a thing!


Not me either! I fled NY six months ago!


well I would bet the police are not really concerned with the safety/permitting aspect of it as much as the message itself, they just use those reasons publicly so they can find the person.

If someone had placed a banner with Obamas picture on it in the same spot, I highly doubt anyone would be complaining about the safety or permits. LOL


Who could have done such a thing?

I guess it could be someone from NY who has a history of high praise and respect for the Russian dictator.


No cameras on the bridge?


NY and NJ have a large Russian immigrant community.


That makes sense then.


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