Giant inflatable whale too ‘religious’ for London park


Plans to beach a giant inflatable whale beside the Thames in London for a re-enactment of the story of Jonah have been refused because it would be too “religious”.

Organisers had hoped to place the 50ft sperm whale, which is owned by a circus troupe, in a park opposite Tower Bridge during the school summer holidays.

The life-size creature, which children can explore inside, has been beached on the same spot in the past as part of a pirate-themed attraction for children.


They should never have mentioned Jonah and the Bible. Instead they should have said they wanted to display the whale as an endangered species. Then the park manager would have fallen all over himself to see that it was built. :rolleyes:


The Bible is also literature. I read some parts of the Bible in public school. It’s part of our culture, not just religion. We also read the creation stories of Native Americans. If the Bible is religious, how could Native American creation stories not be religious?


The UK better get used to the idea of religion.


It only wants Sharia law; Christianity is not welcome in Englandistan.


I assume things like this are why Pope Benedict gave Mrs. Blair the rather blunt answer he did when she was visiting the Vatican a few years back and mentioned that she hoped Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman would become a saint soon and Pope Benedict without missing a beat responded “He still needs a second miracle and I don’t see God performing miracles in England anytime soon.”


:smiley: This made me laugh. For a shy person he certainly spoke when necessary. Love it!


England is a very pagan Country, if you mentioned God you would get a stare, or huh who is that. When Henry V111 started the ball rolling against Rome it gathered pace at a fast speed and that is what happens when you start your own Religion built on “Nothing”.


While on the topic, the Queen visited the Pope in the Vatican to day,

Do you guys think that she was there to hand back the title “Defender of the Faith” which was given by the Pope of the time to Henry V111 when he was young, and a very good Catholic, which impressed the Pope hence he was given the title.

The Queen even though broken from Rome still uses the Title, why would you do that if you are rejecting that Religion she should say " And here is your Title Back"
Still waiting, waiting , waiting…


Actually, Charles has stated that he doesn’t want the title. Not for the reasons we’d like, I’m afraid, but rather he simply doesn’t see himself as the defender of the Christian faith. He wants the title changed to “defender of faiths” or some such thing. Sigh. Well, if he rejects the title and Parliament passes it at least the sham of being "the defender of the [Christian] faith, claimed by the English throne, will be over, for whatever reason they might give. Here’s hoping the title is dropped altogether, but I doubt that would get through Parliament, either.


I’m still trying to figure out what is wrong with a religious display.


It would have been on public ground not private, hence giving the impression that someone in government supports one religion over another.

In a way I have to agree. It seems to me that this was an attempt by a particular sect of Christianity to make converts. On reflection I can understand the park manager’s objections on those grounds. The group should erect the whale on their own property instead of using public facilities for evangelization.


And what exactly do you mean by that ?

It hardly seems an attitude which would encourage people to “get used to the idea of religion” .


Do you have a source to back up your statement ?


Do you have a source to verify that Pope Benedict said this to Cherie Blair ?


Queen Elizabeth has met Popes on six occasions .

On those occasions I doubt that the Title was even thought of .

Do you dislike Queen Elizabeth and England ?

Are you annoyed that Queen Elizabeth and the Popes she has met get on so well together ?


Nothing , if it is in the right place .

If you read the link to the article in the OP you will see why the display is not allowed .


Thanks .

You for one seem to have gone to the trouble of reading the article referred to in the OP .


That means Englandland.



Yeah, it’s called Vatican Radio which you can find in the Vatican Press Office online you will have to look in the archives for 2007.

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