Giant inflatable whale too ‘religious’ for London park


Since you are familiar with the source, could you provide an exact link? It really is a remarkable claim which you make.


Because Stephen Fry, Richard Dawkins and all the other British atheists would get huffy if free speech doesn’t support their anti-religious ideologies.


Thank you .

I wonder whether an exact link can be found .:wink:


Incorrect .

If you read the article sourced in the OP you will find the reason why .


It must be part of your dream-world . :smiley:


I take that response as an indication that you cannot provide a source to back up what you said .

That does not surprise me .

Why not prove me wrong ?


If it was said at all, it would have been as a joke.
It doesn’t make sense to say he wouldn’t be canonised because his country of birth wouldn’t be granted a miracle. Since when do the qualifying miracles have to be in a proposed saint’s own country?


A little bit of information about my town in England .

Next Sunday , Passion Sunday , there will be prayers and hymns in the town centre , followed by a procession of witness when a cross is carried up a hill which overlooks the town .

The cross will be erected on the hill and will remain there until after Easter .

On Good Friday the Stations of the Cross will be prayed as people walk from the bottom of the hill to the top , ending where the cross is . Children from local high schools will lead the praying of the Stations of the Cross .

At dawn on Easter Sunday there will be prayers at the summit at the foot of the cross .

Such events will be taking place in towns and villages throughout England .

I am sorry if this upsets you and disturbs your stereotyped image of England , but I like to live in the real world , not in a world of ignorance and prejudice .

The hill where the cross is erected is a public place , but it is not a public park .

Public parks have regulations as to what can be allowed in them .

As far as the inflatable Jonah’s whale is concerned an official of the park concerned has said : “I am afraid that under the terms of our lease we are not allowed to have any events of a religious nature.”

That is quite understandable . Neither would they be allowed to have any events of a political nature , of a pagan nature etc .

I know that my local park would not allow an image of the Buddha , a cross , a Muslim symbol , a political statue , a pagan image etc. within its boundaries . That’s no problem .

The problem is when papers like The Telegraph make an issue out of a non-issue , and members of CAF come along and use it as an opportunity to insult others .


WOW!! It is like I have just encountered anti England. This is not the England I live in that some have wrote about here.:eek:


Unfortunately these type of stories are lapped up by many on CAF to support their own distorted views about the UK. It might surprise people to know that mass attendance in the UK is among the highest in western Europe, and only 2% lower than the US. And let’s not forget that the Passion will fill Trafalgar Square to capacity twice for six hours on Good Friday.


It is very clear that the Pope would never have said such a thing but of course people like to twist the truth for their own agendas or perception.


Okay, so I was being a smart-Aleck. I apologize.


Thanks . We are all smart-Alecks at times .

God bless .


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