Giant Pythons Could Spread Quickly Across South,2933,355104,00.html

So just put a $500-a-head bounty on the damn things and turn the populace loose with shotguns.

I mean, if we could come that close to exterminating bison in the 19th century with black-powder flintlocks, I don’t see a problem with literally wiping out Burmese pythons with what we have available today.

Enact a policy of reptilian genocide. They never should have been brought over here to begin with.

And as for the idiots who turned them loose in the first place, your penance is five hard head-knocks and good swift kick in the pants. Go your way and sin no more.

I don’t know, it says this too:
…the big beasts, which are not poisonous and rarely attack humans…
…and that they like to eat rats.
:hmmm: … seems like someplace that is overwhelmed with rats would be a good place to put them.

I’m all for getting rid of pythons.

Although I once met a girl who kept two of them as pets, and said she much preferred them to men.

Send them to Washington, D.C. The pythons would feel right at home. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I think there are some places even snakes won’t go. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t the giant pythons help keep the giant rodents (nutria) under control?

do they eat kudzu, by any chance?

Here in Arizona, people are always shooting rattlesnakes and then they wonder why the gophers keep digging up everything. But of course these pythons are invaders. Illegal aliens, if you please.

  • kathie :bowdown:

if the border control can’t stop a million 12 foot pythons from entering the country illegally we have not got a prayer of stopping drug shipments or illegal immigrants.

The thing is, the pythons were allowed into the country legally and then turned loose—and they just multiplied from there:

One million live Burmese pythons were legally imported into the U.S. between 2001 and 2006, according to Fish and Wildlife. Almost all of them ended up as pets, and half of them came in through Miami.

I wonder if they taste like chicken…?

We’ve got to do something to get rid of them - they;re an invasive species and will disrupt local ecosystems. PLUS I don’t want to run into one fighting an alligator when I’m kayaking.
Oh, yeah, and if they’re big enough, pythons can not only eat your dog, but your toddler.

That is what i was thinking also…how many toddlers playing outside and mom and dad are busy doing something else…thinking their toddler was safe!:crying:

Wolsely is dead on-shoot’em. A small bounty would do the trick. I guess hunting is allowed in the everglades; if not, then allow it for these things. I bet they could be wiped out in a year or two… Roanoker

Just like it worked for the Nutria…Nevermind. Killing aimlessly really does not work that well you need a plan.

Oh, yeah. Worked real well on the nutria including all those night hunts by the SO in Jefferson Parish. That’s all I need in my back yard going after my chickens or my small dog! If you think I’m going to call Wildlife and Fisheries, guess again. I don’t think I’m going after it with a machete or a shovel like I do for cotton mouths and mocassins. In the words of Indiana Jones “Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?”

What? We can’t let our kids play in their own back yards? We lost our entire flock of 150 chickens last year because of the animals displaced by the subdivisions going up all around us. Now, I’ve got to wonder if some bloomin’ python is going to drop out of the rafters of the barn? I really didn’t need this y’all and if a python is gonna take on a gator and then burst? Shotgun time.

Annie, the nutria were supposed to eat kudzu. They did are real good job didn’t they?

If pythons make it to Kansas, would that be snakes in the plains? :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome! :thumbsup:

I was wondering who would get that first!

I was impressed by this turn of phrase in the article, very dramatic:

Then the snake’s abdomen burst open, killing it and leaving both animals forever conjoined in reptilian mutually assured destruction!!

and to think we were worried about the zebra mussel being dumped into Lake Erie from ship’s balast! Wow.

quoted news link states over a million were imported illegally most through Miami

every time somebody tells me “just taste it, it’s just like chicken” I know they are lying.

That’s exactly right. People need to realize that even the most benign invasive species can literally cause havok to an ecosystem.

On the other hand a few pythons in areas infested with feral and house cats can do wonders to the preservation of our native bird species.

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