Giant whale banned from Queen’s parks for being ‘religious’


A giant inflatable whale used for pirate shows and re-enactments of the story of Jonah has been banned from the Royal Parks because of its “religious” undertones.

Officials turned down applications to hold a children’s fun day based on the Bible story at either Hyde Park or Greenwich Park in London claiming it could be classed as an act of “religious observance”.

Although managed by a Government agency, the Royal Parks are owned by the Queen, who is Supreme Governor of the Church of England.


Imagine that: making religious teaching a fun experience for children. The ban suggests that someone has too much time on their hands.


If the Queen’s men want to banish one of the greatest literary references in English, not to mention European, literature from their parks, I sure hope they don’t intend to watch any films that say “Oh my God” or “Jesus” in them, either.


Oh, by the way, they could also oh, I don’t know, give up the Crown Copyright to the King James translation of the Bible?


So much for taking “Moby Dick” on my next trip to London.


That whale looks awesome!
I want one!
We’re not getting the other side of the story. … Just saying.


The news article quotes the explanation from Royal Parks:

A few days later, a separate official replied, turning down the application for the event in Hyde Park explaining: “We do not permit any religious observances in the Royal Parks, either in their own right or as part of a demonstration.”

When the charity replied that it appeared to amount to “discrimination against people of faith”, the official said: “As a Government agency, it is not the place of the Royal Parks to make value judgements between one religious observance and another.

“We must either permit all collective religious observances or refuse them all. Our approach is to continue to refuse all such observances.”
That seems rather straight forward. Do you think more is involved? If so, then in what way?


Personally, I think this is stupid and it seems like a violation of religious freedom to me. I mean, wouldn’t a state owned park in the United States allow something like this? I mean I know we are talking about the United Kingdom here but nevertheless, it just seems stupid to ban something like this just because it is religious in nature. That said, I really don’t know much of anything about religious freedom in the United Kingdom but they do seem to be slightly more oppressive or restrictive than the United States.


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