Giants v. PAtriots: who wins?

Time for Superbowl predictions!

The Patriots will win because I don’t want them to. I have picked the team that won the Super Bowl once. Must be a curse.:smiley:

I hope the Patriots win. I have a co-worker in attendance that is a die-hard Patriots fan, and the coming weeks will be hell on earth if they lose.

Patriots will win. They are the better team.

Patriots - of course I may be biased because I’m from MA.

But even though I really hate football (don’t understand all the stopping and starting) I will cheer on the Pats with DH.

Chargers are gonna win. Pats will be caught cheating and Chargers will replace them.


The Giants will woop the Patriots.

The Pats are going to win. There’s really no question. The Giants might get a lead to halftime, but the Pats own at adjusting their game to fight against the other team’s offense. The Giants don’t stand a chance once the Pats adjust. My dad’s quite sure they’ll win by two or three touchdowns.

The real question is, What does the Pope think?:smiley: :wink:

You forgot one selection. Who cares!!! :shrug:


Wow! What a game! though I’m a native Bostonian and a Patriots fan, I don’t much like Belichick, and can’t get too upset at this outcome. John Mara, the Giants owner, was an acquaintance, and a good guy, at Boston College with us, Tom Coughlin was a great coach at B.C. and is a class act, and there are a couple of B.C. guys on the team. What guts Eli Manning showed! Congrats to the Giants.

Now that the game is over can I still jump in on the poll?:smiley:

WOW! What a game. Thanks to the two team for a great Superbowl game. And congrats to the Giants. My whole family except my son (6 years old), wanted the Pats to win. Congrats to him as well.

:extrahappy: :extrahappy:YAY the GIANTS WON :extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy:

I can’t stand the Patriots!!! I’m a Raiders fan:cool: …so no surprise there:D :p!!!

That was one of the best SuperBowl games I’ve seen in a long time!!!

I’m a Steelers fan–and really don’t like the Pats either…so happy they won – woohoo! :thumbsup: I was a doubting Thomas a bit, myself.:blush:

Both teams ticked me off. I was in a football pool at work and was close to winning the final score and $200, but oh no…they couldn’t bring it home…bummer!:mad: :smiley:

aw…I’m sorry. That does stink when you’re in a pool!

I called Giants too! :thumbsup: :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t take the poll but WATTA GAME!!! :thumbsup:

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