Gift for a dedication

I need a little advice about an upcoming event. My nephew is being dedicated (not baptized) in what I think is a non-denominational church this weekend. Since I am not familiar with dedications, I am not sure what to get for a gift. I understand that a child’s rosary or anything remotely Catholic would be out of the question. However, I don’t feel comfortable purchasing an item that would be too Protestant. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should get??

When in doubt, a gift certificate would probably be welcome (to a Catholic bookstore, lol!).

No, a Rosary would probably not go over well, LOL :wink:

Basically, a dedication is the social equivalent to a baptism in these churches, and a baptism coincides with a confirmation, as far as social significance.

I would suggest something like a Savings Bond which is redeemable in 10 years or so. And you can pray that in that period of time, he will grow in his Christian faith and use the money to buy something Catholic 10 years from now! Or perhaps find something that is not strictly Catholic and not contrary to our faith. I have been to Christian bookstores that have nice things for children, such as a cross in pastel baby block style, a decorative picture frame, stained glass guardian angel night lights, Veggie Tales music or videos, a child’s Bible, and similar.

When all my children were baptised, each received a music box. One was a water globe with two children walking over a bridge with their guardian angel hovering over, another an angel cradling a child and the third was a cross with scripture verse on it. I still wind it up every night after we say our prayers together.

I would completely agree with WhiteDove that the dedication is the social equivalent as a baptism. (As well as baptism socially equivalent to Confirmation). As such, anything that is not overtly Catholic and simply Christian would be appropriate. I like to give guardian angel things since guardian angels are usually believed by Protestants that I have met, yet are still very much Catholic.

God Bless

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