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Hello all! I am a fairly new Catholic (4 years on April 3!) and am sponsoring a woman in her 20s who will be confirmed at Easter this year. She has been a practicing Catholic and I’m a little unsure of what type of gift to give her! In the past, I’ve sponsored people who are brand new to the faith, so I’ve typically gifted them with a rosary. I’m a little stumped with someone who has been Catholic and is probably more familiar with the faith than I am! I’d welcome any suggestions. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


A rosary is still a good gift, but for an adult you’ll want to make it a really nice one with real stones instead of glass beads. Agate, Tiger Eye, Onyx, Moonstone, Jade, and Lapis Lazuli are all great options. Real stones remind us of the beauty that God is capable of creating. Real pearls are also good. My godmother gave me a rosary with fake glass pearls when I was little. I still have it, but the paint on the pearls is starting to flake off and that makes me a bit sad. Adults are more likely to keep a rosary for a long time, so spring for something nice!

A bible is also a good gift, one that is leather-bound instead of a paperback. If you’re still not sure, a gift card to a local Catholic store would work.


Random ideas
a nice medal or icon of patron saint
a missal
book of prayers(perhaps Christian Prayer)
a book about (or by) patron saint
Other Art


A good bottle of a liqueur produced by a good Catholic order. It is not always the gift but the spirit in which it is given.


If the individual is a reader at all, a good book on the Faith is always appropriate. Pope Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth trilogy is very reasonably priced.


Miraculous Medal.


I love giving My Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis to those who are being Confirmed. It’s truly a classic.




A brown scapular might be a good choice.


An excellent book to give is The Paraclete: A Manual of Instruction and Devotion by Marianus Fiege.

It’s nicely bound with a ribbon, and a wonderful book explaining the role of the Holy Spirit in salvation, in the Church and in our own lives.



I posted this question and then life got in the way and forgot to check back! Thank you all for the suggestions. I will definitely look into these options. Have a blessed Lenten season!


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