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I am being confirmed this Saturday at the Easter Vigil. I would like to get a gift for my sister-in-law who is my sponsor. Any suggestions for something unique and/or interesting? When I Google for ideas, it’s mainly crosses which, yes, of course that’s nice and appropriate but doesn’t feel very personal. What have you given and/or received as a sponsor? Ideas welcome!



I’ve never heard of giving a gift to your sponsor…but I think a nice hand-written letter, thanking him/her for being your sponsor and for witnessing the Catholic faith to you would be a wonderful thing, and something your sponsor would keep!


I received a nice rosary for my confirmation so I suppose you could also give one to your sponsor. It’s still not very personal, but due to the type of role of a sponsor, I think that personal isn’t what’s called for.


It may be too short notice to get these made up, but with card stock and a printer you can have the patron saint or Assn image of the Holy Spirit on one side and on the reverse:

In honor of My Confirmation
Jill Evangeline Maria Smith
Saint X Church, City
by Bishop Joe Jones
Quote from your patron Saint

Make a bunch as keepsakes for you, your godparents, immediate relatives…possibly have them laminated at Staples.

…or, you can’t go wrong with a subscription to Magnificat! :wink:


I got mine a nice necklace with a bird on it. I think there was a small gem in it too. I, like you, didn’t want to do a cross.

The woman who stood up for me at Easter Vigil was a proxy, so I wanted to let her know that I really appreciated that she’d stand up with me last minute. (She was already scheduled to visit her family out of state that day and she drove back early so that she could be my proxy that evening.) And, incidentally, her husband was my husband’s sponsor when he converted. So, I wanted something that reflected how special she (and her family) was to our family. (Her husband was bummed that he had to stay home and watch the kids on Easter Vigil.)

Easter Vigil will be a night you’ll never forget and I think SIL will appreciate the gift. If you think a gift needs to be given, then give it. I just saw it the polite thing to do.


Oh - I forgot to Congratulate you on your confirmation!

Congratulations! :thumbsup:


Have a Mass said for your sponsor. The best gift ever.


As a confirmation sponsor myself, if you would like to give your sponsor a gift, I would suggest a photograph of the two of you with the bishop. Bishops are always happy to pose for pictures after the ceremony. You could get another friend or family member to take, and surprise your sponsor with it. A nice thank you note is also appropriate. Sponsors don’t expect anything, but these little remembrances would be nice.


:thumbsup: That’s what I was going to say. I am a sponsor this year and that is what I would like (not that I expect anything).


Your very thoughtful and I would suggest a years subscription to Catholic Answers Magazine. You could write a note in the card saying you have subscribed her to Cath. Ans. mag. So many wonderful articles in it, I’m sure she would enjoy. Congratulations on your Confirmation. God Bless, Memaw


What a lovely gift this would be, wish someone had thought of this when I came into the Church. Also to get it framed.

Congratulations, you will have a full Spiritual Life, and the added Bonus of finding out about everything, its such a buzz, a buzz of excitement around every corner to be found out and learnt.

God Bless. Walk with the Lord always through His Church.


I was thinking about this last night. I just asked a man in our RCIA class to be my sponsor. Thanks for the ideas!


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