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Hi all,

A Lutheran relative of ours is getting baptized. She’s 5 years old. My mom wants to get her something nice. I can’t think of anything not Catholic. Do you have any ideas?

Btw, her mom is a drug addict living on the streets. Her grandmom, who is my great-uncle’s ex-wife (yeah, what a mouthful!) just won custody and is raising her. I’m really happy that they are getting her baptized…please say a little prayer for Roxanne!


How about a gold or silver cross, not a crucifix, Little girls love jewelry and it could be something she could keep for a long time. My other thought would be a children’s Bible or a cross for her wall, depending on what you wanted to spend.


A good children’s Bible would be appropriate.


[LEFT]Gosh, that’s a tricky one. It’d be great to get her a kid’s bible, but I’m sure her guardians would smell a Catholic one from a mile away. :frowning:

How about a Lutheran Chick T Shirt? :smiley:



It should be easy enough to find a Protestant children’s Bible at a non-denominational Christian bookstore. Those stores would also have a number of good prayer books and similar things, I imagine.


Well, that’s true. I’m not entirely sure it’d be a good idea to get a protestant Bible. Not because of the Biblical text itself, obviously, but because of the commentary and devotions for children that are certainly at odds with Catholic teaching. It may be best to avoid the bible altogether. Plant a seed of love and affection, not one of bad theology.


What about a book of prayers. I had a book of prayers for girls when I was a child, it was nice and non-denom.


How about a subscription to The Little Lutheran?


Just get a children’s bible, like one of the one’s that summerizes the stories. I don’t see any differences between lutheran children’s bibles and catholic children’s bibles. I was raised lutheran and my littlest brother is being raised catholic.


Aside from the fact that they’re missing stuff? I think that the deutero-canonicals are a treasure trove of stories and lessons for children about faith and trust in God. Can it honestly be said that Lutherans and Catholics address critical chapters of the Bible like John 6 in the same way? I’m going to argue that we don’t. Otherwise, Lutherans would be Catholics.

As Catholics we believe that you cannot have the Bible independent of the Church. Lutherans most emphatically do *not * believe this.


Maybe a book of Bible stories, written at a child’s level? At age 5, she is only just beginning to read, and at this level, any doctrinal diferences between the Catholic and Protestant Bibles would be negligible. Daniel in the lion’s den and Noah’s Ark are the kind of stories you’d find in these books, it’s not going to go into deep discussion of theology. I’d get something like this:


We’re talking a CHILDREN’S bible, not a full-fledged study bible. One that talks about Adam, Eve, Noah, Joseph, Moses, David, and Jesus. I wouldn’t give a 5 years old a full copy of any book of the bible. It wouldn’t interest them. You give them a simplified one that they can start learning to read from.


You are thinking of a grown-up Bible. Little kids’ storybook bibles don’t have real text in them. They have stories based on the texts. It’s usually Adam and Eve, Joseph, Moses, King David, Ruth, Ester, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, all four gospels thrown into one story of Jesus’ life, and a story on Acts maybe. And yes, there is **not **a lot of difference between a protestant story bible and a Catholic story bible, if it bought at someplace like Cokesbury or Concordia.

I highly recommend if you’re buying Lutheran stuff specifically. Otherwise, any Christian bookstore should have plenty of jewelry, crosses, t-shirts, wall plaques, and all that stuff.


Funny side note–my 90 year old great grandmother trekked to the Catholic store to buy my LO a Catholic children’s bible book. Unfortunately the text is simplified to the point of being distorted…no original sin, no crucifixion! Crazy.

I like the magazine idea. Thanks for all your inputs!

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