Gift for my niece on her Bat-Mitzvah


My niece who is 12 yrs old attends a Reformed (Jewish) temple. Her Bat-mitzvah is this coming Saturday. I would like to get her a gift that she would appreciate but nothing that would support the more liberal ideologies of the Reformed Jews. I am certain there are several gifts to choose from but I am currently at a lost. We are leaving in the next couple of hours to purchase a gift. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

Thank you and God Bless,




I see bat mitzvahs as religious birthday parties. They’re fun, but they’re still meaningful. I say get her a gift certificate to her favorite store or something. Or make her something that means something to both you and her. Or give her cash. Cash always works.


A gift certificate to Barnes & Noble, Borders or anyother book store. You could even suggest that she buy a religious book.


you could buy here some nice Shabbat Candles.

Some frum Jew encourage girls to light candles before Shabbat.



Thank you for your replies. We ended up getting a Chai necklace. It was explained to me that the symbol Chai is a symbol for life.



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