Gift for Non-Denominational Christian

I am looking for a Christmas gift for a friend of mine who is non-denominational christian. We have lost touch over time, but we still talk on holidays and such. Anyways, clearly he knows Im Catholic and I know he’s protestant, but we are both very respectful of each other’s faith. We have often had conversations about religion, and I think both of us have grown closer to our faith as a result of sharing with each other. Anyways, he’s a crazy guy who loves to skydive, bungee jump, and do that sort of thing. Because we have distanced ourselves, I don’t want to get him anything crazy expensive. Is it too Catholic for me to give him something like a St Michael the archangel medal for Christmas? Michael is the patron saint of parachuters. Religious gifts aren’t a problem at all, probably encouraged even, but I don’t want to push Catholicism on him.

It would all depend on how he sees Catholicism. It sounds like a nice gift, and very thoughtful, but remember, Evangelicals don’t believe in patron saints. It all depends on what his reaction to Catholic imagery might be,

a lot of protestants wore St Christopher medals!!! so a pertinent saint might be well received

I agree. It sounds like a thoughtful gift, and I would expect he would appreciate the sentiment behind it. How he would react would depend on his view of the Catholic attachment to the saints. If he’s been taught that it’s idolatry, it could be a bit awkward. If he’s got a better understanding of Catholic thought, he should ‘get it’. Depending on circumstances, you could explain what it’s about, so he can learn about how Catholics view the saints, so you have a nice gift, and a good time of fellowship and sharing your faith. :slight_smile:

As an ex-Baptist I would have looked at your gift as coming with a lot of love from you. Even though I didn’t believe in patron Saint’s. When I had cancer I received many things from people of other faiths. Even though I didn’t believe in their teachings I accepted their gifts in the love in which they were given. If you decide to give him the medal be sure to enclose a note explaining why you are giving it to him and the significance behind it.

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