Gift for priest for adult baptism?

I’m being baptised at Easter Vigil. Since I’m new to Catholicism, I’m new to the associated customs/protocols and want to be appropriate.

Should I give a gift to my sponsor? How about the priest? I read somewhere that priests are often given a monetary offering for an infant baptism. This is an adult baptism, however – is a monetary gift appropriate, or in poor taste? Any suggestions on the “right” type of gifts, or if money is the appropriate offering to a priest, how much is the custom? I feel out of my element here and don’t want to offend anyone.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Congratulations! I would think that a gift is appropriate for both. For the priest, money and a card is the way to go. I don’t really know the customs either, but you can ask the parish secretary, or your sponsor, or the leader of your RCIA class for advice. For your sponsor, I think a non-monetary gift would be nicer, but again, I’m not sure at all. Perhaps a Catholic book?

Gift certificate for a nice restaurant. Omaha Steaks offers some nice gifts too. It might fax you a certificate that you can put in a card telling the priest or sponsor that the gift is on the way.

I don’t think anyone in our RCIA has ever given the priest a gift. I have received gifts as coordinator, and so have our catechists, usually something little, just a gesture of thanks. I don’t think the priests expect anything.

For infant baptisms the parish gets a donation from the parents. Only if is a private baptism does the priest get a gift because he is going out of his way from the normal communal baptisms.

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