Gift for RCIA Sponsor?

I was just wondering about this…should I get a gift for my RCIA sponsor to say “thank you” for helping me through my journey? And if so, what should I get? I just didn’t know if it was proper or common or anything. Any answers or suggestions would be appreciated!

I was wondering myself about this but I used the search feature and found other threads which address this topic that might help (some are also listed at the bottom of this one now in ‘similar threads’.

Basically, I think it’s a good idea… if you are grateful for their sponsorship, why not show them :slight_smile:

I never even thought to look at the “similar threads”. :o And I use them all the time!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the suggestion. I found some great ideas there.

I have decided on a gift for my sponsor!! I’m getting her a medal for St. Anne, the mother of Our Lady. That was her confirmation name. I am also getting her a bookmark with Our Lady of Lourdes and Scott Hahn’s book “The Lord’s Supper” and maybe another book. She really likes Dr. Hahn’s books so I thought that would be good!

While we’re on this subject… I too would like to get a gift for my sponsor, but I do not know them that well at all… what would be appropriate for someone you hardly know? ( I don’t know them because I hardly know anyone in my Parish, and asked Father to find me someone, and he said he is willing to do so). Any suggestions I would be thankful.

Just to make things a little bit clearer, I don’t know if it’s a him or a her. I will be meeting them hopefully this Thursday, or know who they are at least, and finally meet them the day of (Sat.) It’s kinda sad I don’t know anyone in my area. I don’t know if it would be right to give someone a gift the first time I will be meeting them. Thanks.


This subject came up last year when I was in RCIA. As I recall, a gift for your sponsor is not necessary. Your coming into the Church is your sponsor’s reward. In other words, they are not sponsoring you as a favor to you, but for God’s grace, etc… Your excitement and tears of joy will be the greatest gift you can give your sponsor.

I did not give my sponsor a gift and I don’t recall that any of the other candidates did either.

Your sponsor will most likely give you a gift. Mine gave me a couple wall crucifixes and a framed picture (printed from the Internet) of the saint whose name I chose for my confirmation name. Small gifts that meant a lot. I also received a wall crucifix from the RCIA group. I left church that night with three. :smiley:

It’s a tragedy that someone did not volunteer to be your sponsor regardless of whether they knew you or not. The wonderful woman who sponsored me volunteered in mid-December. She was coming to RCIA with her son and his fiance. During a break one night, I saw her walk over to the table where the RCIA leaders sat and the next thing I knew, one of the leaders brought her over to introduce us.

In a year or two when you gain your footing and feel confident, you need to volunteer to be someone’s sponsor. Just ask the RCIA leaders if anyone is in need of a sponsor and it will be a very rewarding experience.

God bless and welcome HOME!

On second thought, I did give my sponsor a gift. I gave her a Willow Tree figurine. Apparently, it wasn’t appropriate because she kept looking at it trying to figure out what saint it represented.:o Regardless, of whether or not she liked it, I would love to receive one as a gift.

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